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Week of April 5th, 2019

Thank you to our lovely parents who have supported us with our Cultural Breakfast today.  Our students were thrilled to share a little piece of their culture and very open-minded in trying foods from other cultures.  The day was a huge success. Ramadan officially starts on Monday, May 6th, however, UAS will begin their Ramadan schedule on Sunday.  Please be sure that the children in school on or before 8:20.


We will be focusing on measurement including time, weight, volume and length (metric system) as well as giving a Multiplication & Division checkpoint. This will help guide our instruction for the remainder of the year. Next, we will move into fractions & more division

What are different ways to measure the weight and mass of solid and liquid objects?

IXL Skills

BB13 – BB16

Exact Path

Lessons have been updated with students latest MAP results 🙂

Feel free to have students jump on anytime!

A reminder for login information is below – site: https://login.edmentum.com/ account login: uasdubai

username: student UAS email   (firstinitiallastname2028@uasdubai.ae)

password: 1234 or they can use their easy login


We will continue our “Reading to Learn.” Students are completing this learning by researching cultures around the world.

How can I organize information that I learn while reading?

How can I use information I gather while reading to push my reading comprehension further?

Unit of Inquiry

Students have explored cultures around the world, and what makes them unique. They will be inquiring  into how climate and the weather have influenced some aspects of different world cultures (IE: traditional clothing, regional foods, and common architecture).

Important Dates:

Sunday, May 5 – Ramadan Schedule to begin (regardless of whether or not Ramadan is formally announced this day).

School hours will be from 8:30 am-1:30 pm. (8:20 the children should be in the yard lined up).




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