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Week of March 17, 2019

Thank you for coming to the 3rd and 4th-grade concert. The kids were simply adorable in their dressy clothes and they tried their very best to impress you.


How can I become fluent with my multiplication facts?

How can I show how to solve one digit multiplication facts in different ways?

What are different strategies for solving number stories?

IXL skills: E1-E13, F1-F13, G1-G13, H1-H13

For those of us who have completed the above, you can start on I1-I5

Exact Path

Lessons have been updated with students latest MAP results 🙂

Feel free to have students jump on anytime!

A reminder for login information is below –

site: https://login.edmentum.com/

account login: uasdubai

username: student UAS email   (firstinitiallastname2028@uasdubai.ae)

password: 1234

or they can use their easy login


How can writers adapt classic tales with independence?

What are the steps to storytelling, planning and drafting fairy tales?

What changes can we make to improve our story?


How do we develop theories about characters?

How can we use theories about characters to predict?

Why is it important to set realistic goals?


Students continue to code on Tynker. This skill helps them build computational thinking, problem-solving skills and perseverance.

They will begin to look at how technology has evolved and how it has changed the way we communicate

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