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Week of March 10, 2019 – Concert Week


Book Week went wonderfully and we are looking forward to Student-Led Conferences and the music concert next week.


Exact Path

Lessons have been updated with students latest MAP results 🙂

Feel free to have students jump on anytime!

A reminder for login information is below –


site: https://login.edmentum.com/

account login: uasdubai

username: student UAS email   (firstinitiallastname2028@uasdubai.ae)

password: 1234

or they can use their easy login



How can I show how to solve one digit multiplication facts in different ways?

What are different strategies for solving fraction number stories?

IXL skills: E, F, G, H

IXL skills W1-W10




We will continue to delve into Fairy Tales and storytelling this week.


What are some classic fairy tales?

How can I adapt classic fairy tales to make them my own version?

What are the steps to storytelling, planning and drafting fairy tales?




We are kicking off fiction reading specifically studying characters in our books!


How do characters talk and act?

What is my character like?

What patterns do I see growing in my characters over time?



As part of our new UOI, Where We are In Place and Time: Technology & Coding students will be using the app Tynker. This coding app uses Swift, a coding language developed by Apple. Students use block-based coding to solve puzzles, as they progress, the puzzles get harder. They  will use coding blocks that have Swift language written on the blocks, exposing them to the syntax and format used in Swift without requiring them to type out the code. Some of the important coding concepts they will learn are:

  • Algorithms
  • Debugging
  • Loops
  • Composition and Decomposition

Learning how to code helps students build important computational thinking and problem-solving skills.

They will begin to see how coding skills connect with everyday tasks and they will build essential foundations for thinking like a coder. Students will also be using the Seesaw app to reflect on their learning.

You can help your child see the importance and relevance of coding by engaging them in discussions about what they are learning and helping them make real-world connections.

Here is a link that can help them practice at home as well as in school.




username: uasdubai

password: uasd12345


Dates to remember:

Student Led Conferences: Sunday and Monday, March 10-11th

3rd-4th Grade Music Concert: Thursday, March 14th

Author Visit: Tuesday, March 12

Spring Break: Friday, March 29th-Saturday April 13th

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