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Week of February 3, 2019

Good afternoon. This week students work hard to do their best on the math and reading portions of the MAP test. Stay tuned for science and language usage next Sunday and Wednesday!

Here is a look at our learning for next week.


How can I show how to solve one digit multiplication facts?

How can I become more fluent in multiplication facts?

What are different strategies for solving the same problems?

IXL skills: E, F, G, H


Students continue to read nonfiction text and ask:

How can I identify the main idea and details in a nonfiction text?

How can I have engaging conversations and grow ideas about what Iā€™m reading?

How can I retell narrative nonfiction using prior skills?


How can we revise and add new and interesting information in our writing?

How can we hook our reader with an interesting introduction?


Planning and preparing for the Grade 3 Carnival!

Check out information posted below šŸ™‚

Dates to Remember:

February 3-8th: MAP Testing

February 6th: Author Visit order forms due

February 14th: I Fly Field Trip

February 18th: Forces & Motion Carnival

February 20th: Author Visit!

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