Weekly Update January 13th

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Week of January 13th

Happy New Year 2019

Welcome to 2019.  We hope everyone had a restful 3 weeks.

Curriculum Update Information – be sure to check out the new tab above for specific learning outcomes for each subject.

Here is a glimpse into the questions guiding our studies next week:


How can I use my knowledge of perimeter and area to solve a word problem?

What features of shapes and lines do I need to know?

IXL skills: geometric measurement (FF) and triangles and quadrilaterals (DD)


How can I set personal goals based on my pre assessment of non fiction reading to help me grow in this unit of study?

How do authors of nonfiction reading organize their writing?

How can I find the main idea of a section of a nonfiction text?

How do I locate details in a nonfiction text?


How can I set personal goals based on my pre-assessment of informational writing to help me grow in this unit of study?

How can I organize the information I want to share in my writing?

How can I gather facts to add to my informational writing?


Where can I find forces in the world around me?

How can I use what I know about forces and motion to improve things I create?

How does friction affect the speed of a moving object?

Important Dates:

Inspectors from KHDA will be visiting classrooms next week!

Curriculum Update Posted above! 


Week of December 9th


Test Next Week!

What’s the best way to tackle a multiplication or division word problem?

Everyday Math – Unit 4 Lessons 4.1 to 4.8 Worksheets


Recommended IXL Skills:

Multiplication H1-H11

Understanding Division – I1-I5

Division – L1 – L13


When reading biographies we will ask:

How would I describe the person I’m studying?

What traits are true of the person I’m studying?

Do I see any connections between the people I’ve been studying?

Raz Kids


Journaling/Summative Prep and Completion

Students have been introduced to the summative activity options for our Engineering Design unit. Feel free to brainstorm with your student and gather building materials for in-class work the next two weeks.

Here are the options as a reminder:

  1. Find a problem you want to solve.
  2. Check out this site for other options: http://worldslargestlesson.globalgoals.org/introduce-the-global-goals/ (Lesson 1, 2 or 3)
  3. The elves can’t get the gifts into the sleigh
  4. The elves are stuck on a shelf
  5. The sleigh isn’t moving downhill fast enough
  6. Toys are stuck behind an iceberg

Important Dates:

Unit 4 Math Test: Sunday, December 9th

Paws and Help Week: $ due by Sunday, December 9th

Field Trip Permission Slip and $ due by Monday, December 10th

Field Trip to Oli Oli Wednesday, December 12th

Holiday Party: Thursday, December 13th

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