December 2nd Update

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Week of December 2nd


What’s the best way to tackle a multiplication or division word problem?

Everyday Math – Unit 4 Lessons 4.1 to 4.8 Worksheets

Recommended IXL Skills:

Multiplication H1-H11

Understanding Division – I1-I5

Division – L1 – L13


When reading biographies we will ask:

How would I describe the person I’m studying?

What traits are true of the person I’m studying?

Do I see any connections between the people I’ve been studying?

Raz Kids


Journaling/Summative Prep

Students have been introduced to the summative activity options for our Engineering Design unit. Feel free to brainstorm with your student and gather building materials for in-class work the next two weeks.

Here are the options as a reminder:

  1. Find a problem you want to solve.
  2. Check out this site for other options: (Lesson 1, 2 or 3)
  3. The elves can’t get the gifts into the sleigh
  4. The elves are stuck on a shelf
  5. The sleigh isn’t moving downhill fast enough
  6. Toys are stuck behind an iceberg

Important Dates:

UAE National Day, returning to school Tuesday, December 4th

Drawings by me coming home, Tuesday, December 4th

Book Fair $ Tuesday – Thursday, December 4th – 6th

Pajama Day and Class Santa Picture, Thursday, December 6th

Shampoo for Support Staff Christmas Boxes: Thursday, December 6th

Unit 4 Math Test: Sunday, December 9th

Paws and Help Week: $ due by Thursday, December 9th

Book Week T Shirt Designs: designs submitted by Thursday, December 9th

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