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Week of November 11th

***The deadline to sign up for Parent Meetings on Synergetic is Sunday, November 11th.

***If you are comfortable with your child bringing his/her I Pad to school, please have then do so. The more devices the better, so that students can have equitable access to valuable digital tools.


Unit 4. Multiplication Strategies:  This is a lengthy, and important Unit that will take us all the way up to winter break. At home, please make sure your child is practicing the new skills strategies they are learning using IXL. A solid understanding of multiplication is one of the most important math skills in Grade 3, so we don’t want to rush through!

Recommended IXL Skills:

E Skills: Understanding Multiplication. (DO THESE FIRST)

  1. Multiplication Skill Builder
  2. Multiplication Fluency


Biographies: We will begin a reading unit that focuses on biographies and their test features.

“Why do people write & read biographies?”

“What are the key text features in a biography?”

Raz Kids



Journaling: Students will be creating nonfiction writing journals as part of our new Unit of Inquiry. This week, students completed Engineering Challenges in class, which will lead into journaling as a way to document scientific inquiry.  

“How can I use a journal to collect and analyze data?”

UOI – Engineering Design

Central Idea: Finite resources can be used creatively and responsibly when trying to solve problems.

Lines of Inquiry

  • using a process to address a problem (function)
  • creative use of materials (change)
  • different ways to solve a problem

Key Concepts

function, change, responsibility

Related Concepts

process, creativity, resources, resilience


Subject Focus

science, social studies, language, math

Dates to Remember:


  • November 13th: Elementary School Parent Coffee
  • November 14th-15: Parent/Teacher Conferences. All feedback for math, writing, and UOI Units will be given to parents at Parent-Teacher Conferences.
  • November 18th: Prophet’s Day



Parent Teacher Conferences

November 14 & 15, 2018

8:00 am – 4:00 pm


You can sign up using the UAS Parent Portal.  See instructions to book your appointment here.  If you are having technical problems please contact The booking system on the Parent Portal will close on Sunday, November 11 at 4:00pm. Please be sure to select your appointments by that time.


We kindly ask that you complete this Google Form (G3) for each of your children in grade 3. This form will provide information to your child’s teachers in order to help them best meet your needs during these conferences.

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