October 11th Update

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Congrats to our “Caring”n Lunch Bunch winners! Next month’s lunch bunch will be attended by two principled students from each class, and the Grade 3 Team!


How are addition & subtraction related?

Why is it important to know my basic math facts?

What are different strategies I can use for addition?


Recommended IXL Skills:

Addition: C.1-C.16

Subtraction: D.1-D.9

Numbers & Comparing: A.9


***Please note that these are all of the IXL skills for this unit, so they will not change for a while. It is recommended that your child start with the first skill in each category, and more up sequentially as the skills build on one another.


How do readers collect the most important parts of a story retell it to a friend?

How do readers use what’s happened in a story so far to make a prediction about what might happen next?

How can readers record their think?

Raz Kids



How can I make the reader interested from the very beginning? (lead)

Why rewrite a story?

How can I use a mentor text to improve my own writing?

Unit of Inquiry:

What are characteristics of a leader?

What are some types of governments and leaders?

What responsibilities do individuals have within systems?

Why do people make governments?

**words in bold indicate recommended vocabulary to review with your child**


Dates to Remember:

October 15-16 CAT 4 Testing in the morning (one day for each class)

October 17-18 Picture Day!

October 21-25 Fall Break!

Halloween details to come!

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