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This week for homework that students will need to log into Google Classroom and Destiny Quest.

To access their Google Classroom they can either go to gmail.com and enter their gmail address and personal password or download the Google Classroom App and log in with their gmail address and personal password. If your child does not know their gmail account information or password please make sure they inform their teacher to receive this information.

To access Destiny Quest have your student go to destiny.uasdubai.ae . They will then need to click on Elementary School and log in with their UAS username (not gmail account) and their personal password. Next they will choose “Destiny Quest” on the left bar of the Catalog to make book lists.

Fingers crossed it works!! Please let your child’s teacher know through email if they encounter any difficulties!

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Grade 3 Team

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  1. Good Evening , Jhanak doesn’t have her personal email Id and while we were looking for this week’s homework , we couldn’t find any. Kindly assist.

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