Looking Ahead!

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Sunday, October 1st

ASA’s Begin on 

*Please Note: Only hip hop, Chess, Little Engineers and UAS Young Chefs will be held on Monday, October 2nd due to Back to School Night)

Monday, October 2nd

Back to School Night!

Session 1-  3:45-4:30pm 

Session 2-  5:15-6:00pm

*If you are attending session 1 and have your child with you, please make sure to drop them off in the MPH to watch a movie before attending the session.

No Students will be permitted in the classrooms during this time.

Thursday, October 5th

Competitive Swim Tryouts- 3:15-4:15 at the UAS Pool.


Homework Menu- Due Sunday, October 1st!

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Choose 5 menu items. You must choose at least 1 from each section.

30 minutes of reading should be completed in addition to these tasks, every evening.

Tasks to be completed in a notebook.

Time Allocation Per Night: 30 min for Arabic and Non- Arabic Classes


Appetizer- Literacy

  1. Write a letter to your teacher on how you are feeling about grade 3 so far. What are some questions you are wondering about and what things are you interested in learning?
  2. Think of a time when you felt scared or afraid. Write a personal narrative describing what happened to you. Make sure to use details and dialogue to help the reader visually see what’s happening in your story.
  3. In your “Handwriting Without Tears” book practice the letter “c” in cursive p. 8. *try to remember what your teacher taught you about connecting your letters. Have a parent check your work!


Main Course- Math

  1. Log onto IXL.com and practice math skills A-1 to A-13 for 20 minutes. Afterwards, write a reflection to explain what you practiced, how it went and what you found difficult.
  2. Create a “number museum” poster looking at all different types of numbers you can find around your house. You can either print pictures of the numbers or draw them on your poster. *Remember to think about different types of numbers eg/ Measuring, Codes, References and Counting.


Drink- UOI

  1. Make a pic collage (on the ipad) of 5 different symbols from around your home. Email your pic collage to your teacher.
  2. Interview your parents about what symbol would represent your country or your culture. . Draw (or print) the symbol, and briefly explain why it’s important to your country. This could be a flag, emblem, monument, landmarks or religious symbol.


*Extra Credit (Dessert)- Print and cut out pictures of friends, family and things you like. Bring the pictures into school to decorate your writing notebook!

Homework Starts This Week!

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Dear Grade 3 Parents,

Please note that today your child will be bringing home their first “Homework Menu” and IXL login information.  In Grade 3 students will receive their homework on Mondays and are responsible for returning their homework on the following Sunday to be checked by the teacher. It is recommended that students have a notebook to write their homework in each week. It is a goal in Grade 3 to have all students using Google Classroom for some of their homework assignments throughout the year, however for the time being they will be doing their homework in a notebook.

The students will be able to choose from a variety of menu options each week that connect to lessons and units being taught in the classroom. Please also make sure your child is spending 30min each day reading in addition to their Homework Menu.

If you have any further questions or concerns in regards to homework this year please do not hesitate to email your child’s teacher directly.

Kind Regards,

Grade 3 Team


Updates for Next Week!

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Dear Grade 3 Parents,

It has been another busy week in Grade 3! Classes are in full swing and the students are starting to settle into the daily routines. Below are are couple important pieces of information to note going into next week.!

  1. CAT 4 Testing for All Grade 3 students will be on Sunday, September 24th. For this standardised test students are required to have earphones or headsets. Please insure that your child brings earphones with them to class on Sunday. If you have already sent in a headset with your child’s school supplies then they will already be in the classroom.
  2. MAP Testing will be on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday next week from 8:00am-9:25am. Please make sure you child is at school no later than 7:40am on these days. Also, please ensure your child has had a big healthy breakfast on these days to help with brain stamina!
  3. This year students will be having snack outside during their recess time. In order for this to be efficient it is important that all students have a small and healthy snack packed in a separate container. Please talk with your child about what some healthy snack options might be for them during recess time.
  4. Late Arrivals- It is very important that your child be at school for teacher pick up by 7:40am every day. If a student is consistently late to class in the morning they will miss important messages and information for the day. If your child is late to school, they must go directly to the attendance office to receive a late slip. Please also remind your child that they need go directly out to the playground area in the morning.

Thank you so much and we wish you all a wonderful long weekend!

Kind Regards,

Grade 3 Team

Important Dates to Note for This week!

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Sunday, September 17th

ASA registration will start and the ASA final brochure will be sent to all parents.

ASA Term 1 will start Oct1 and will end Nov 29.

Tuesday, September 19th

UAS Early Dismissal at 2:00pm

Thursday, September 21st

No School! Enjoy your long weekend 🙂

*Please make sure to have your child’s device contracts handed back to their teachers by the end of this week!

Homework: Summer Holiday Posters (Due Sunday!)

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Dear Parents,

This week your child will be bringing home a “My Summer Holidays” Poster. We have asked the students to write and draw/print pictures from their summer holiday. If your child wants to be creative and create their own poster please allow them to do so. The poster provided is just an example of what they can do.

The students posters will be displayed in the classroom so please encourage your child to put effort and creativity into their work. We have also spoken with all the Grade 3 students in regards to reading. The expectation in Grade 3 is that every student spend 30min reading every night. This can be independent reading, reading with a sibling/parent or reading allowed.

Thank you for all the support you give your children at home. It is greatly appreciate by all the Grade 3 teachers 🙂

Kind Regards,

Grade 3 Team

Welcome To Grade 3!

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Dear Parents,

We are so excited to welcome you into a FANTASTIC new year of learning in Grade 3! We hope you have had a restful summer and are ready to dive right back into learning for the new school year. Every year we are inspired by the students continued enthusiasm and dedication to learning, and we know that this year will be no different!

Your child will be given tools and opportunities to explore their growing knowledge, as well as develop a continued passion towards learning. We have always valued open communication between school and home, so we will be keeping in constant contact with you as the year progresses through this blog site. We look forward to working closely and collaboratively with all of you this year and please do no hesitate to email your students classroom teacher or stop into our classrooms if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to meeting you all soon at our Back to School Parent Information Night on October 2nd at 6:00pm!

Kind Regards,

Grade 3 Team