Spelling Bee Time

This year’s Grade 3-5 Spelling Bee will take place on Thursday 10th, May! Yay!

Please encourage your child to be a risk taker and try out.

Two representatives will be chosen from each class and those two will face off with the representatives from the other class.  Then, two will be chosen to represent 3rd grade in the finals.

The spelling words, vocabulary list and spelling bee rules will be in the 3rd Grade Google Classroom. Please download them and begin to practice with your child.

Have a great spring break!!!!






Splash and Dash

It’s time for the UAS Splash & Dash!

We want all our fantastic swimmers and runners to come out on Tuesday April 17th.

The event will take place during the school day.

The Splash & Dash is for any STUDENT, PARENT or TEACHER in Elementary (Grades 2-5), Middle & High School.

You can participate Individually or with a Partner.

Elementary students will SWIM 100m (4 laps in pool) and RUN 800m (2 laps of track).

The cost to participate is 75 AED. Participants receive a T-shirt and Winners receive prizes.

To register for this awesome event, you must sign up by clicking HERE.

The Link can also be found on the UAS website.

Once registered you need to make your payment at UAS Accounts.

Please pay to the SPLASH-DASH Account.

Registration & Payment needs to be completed by Wednesday March 21st at 3pm.

We hope to see lots of students competing and having LOADS OF FUN!

Go Scorpions!

International Day

We are the World”

In preparation for our 11th annual International Day celebration at UAS, which is hosted by the PTSO on Saturday March 3, students are invited to wear clothes to school that represent their country – International Dress-down Day. The dress-down day will be on Wednesday, February 28! Students will be engaged in cultural activities within their classroom instead of a parade.

Cultural Breakfast

February 20, 2018


Dear Parents and Families,

As a celebration of our inquiry into Cultural Identity, the Grade 3 classes will be sharing a cultural breakfast on Wednesday, February 28th at 8:00 am in the cafeteria.  Each child will be asked to bring in some type of food that is specific and important to their culture (meat, vegetable, dessert, bread).  

Students need to:

  • write the ingredients and draw a picture of the food on the bottom of this page.  
  • bring in their cultural dish on Wednesday, February 28th 
  • come to school hungry so that we can enjoy the delicious meals.

Due to allergies and cultural diet restrictions, we please ask that all food be prepared without nuts and that all ingredients are listed (please fill out the ingredient list below).  We want to proceed with caution on this special day.  

Food items can be brought to school in the morning with the students.  Please bring only a serving that would be enough to feed a regular sized family as students will be given very small portions so that they can sample as many different foods as possible.  During the Cultural Breakfast, children will be encouraged to try new foods from different cultures and to share their own food and culture with their friends.  

Parents are invited at 8:00 am to enjoy the breakfast in the cafeteria with your child.  If you can help set up for this event, please inform your child’s teacher and plan to meet at 7:45 in the cafeteria.  We would also appreciate any wonderful parents who would like to help us clean up at 9:30.  The Grade Three students and teachers are very excited about this event and thank you in advance for your help and support.   

Notes: Please send a labeled serving spoon with your dish. Make sure all Tupperware or serving bowls are labeled.  Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to wash dishes, so please be advised that any non-disposable or recyclable dishes will be sent home “as is.”


Please make sure this is sent with your dish.  


Culture:                                                                          Name of Food:   


Ingredients (please list all):



Cultural Importance:


By:                                                                                       Class:


Sports Day


This Wednesday, February 21st, 3rd graders will take part in the annual Sport Day.  We ask that you each child have a water bottle, hat, and sunscreen as they will be outside all day.

Each class is asked to wear a tee-shirt with their “class colors”.

3NK – White

3AVD – Blue

3GK – Black

3ER – Red

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your classroom teacher.

Thanks 3rd Grade Team