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Good evening Grade 2 Parents & Caregivers,

We have successfully completed another week of e-Learning! 

This week we continued our UOI unit, which is ‘Embracing Change’. It was wonderful to be able to see the videos and posters submitted to show how to stay safe and healthy in our community. Great job to all the students who posted on Padlet.  In reading and writing, students continued to explore different types of poetry.  Students were able to look at cinquain and diamante poems. In math, students relooked at solving word problems and what it means to add and subtract. We looked at how to determine whether to add or subtract in a problem. We also learned about synonyms and antonyms and how you can use these in poetic writing.

Learning Objectives: 

Here is a list of the learning objectives for students this week. 

I can statements:

  • I can retell a story using specific details from the text.
  • I can solve addition and subtraction word problems.
  • I can identify and write homonyms.
  • I can reflect about personal changes I have experienced.
  • I can write letters about their second grade experiences.

Parent/ Teacher Conferences

Island Adventure Week-

During the week of June 21-25 we will be holding parent-teacher conferences via zoom. You should have received a link from your teacher to sign up for a time.  During the last week of school, students will participate in Island Adventure Week.  Each day there will be a google slide that has a list of activities the students can participate in. There will be no live zoom lessons for all classes during this week. We will be having a whole class party on the official last day of school. Our class parties will be on zoom. They will take place on Thursday 25th June at 11: 30 am. 

Learning Activities:

Just a reminder that on the powerpoint you will find a section of must do activities. These assignments must be completed by the students. At the end of the powerpoint there will be a choice board of may do activities for the week. These are optional tasks for early finishers or students who want extra work. A range of academic and engaging activities are provided weekly for our learners. 

Thanks once again for all your support and effort during e-Learning. 

We hope you have a restful and lovely weekend!

Take care, 

The Second Grade Team

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