Blog Post 17th-21st

Good evening Grade 2 Parents & Caregivers,

We have successfully completed another week of e-Learning! 

Thank you to all parents and learners for your kind words during Teacher Appreciation Week. It has been an absolute pleasure reading such thoughtful comments. 

This week we started on our new UOI, which is ‘Embracing Change’. Students expressed their thoughts and shared their personal ideas in relation to change. It was wonderful to be able to see our learners think about the past and current situation and personalize their responses. In reading and writing, students explored poetry and looked at similarities and differences between different poetic writing. In math, we focused on measurement with an emphasis on using a ruler accurately and measuring in centimeters. We ended math this week with our first mini Olympics. It was great to see the enthusiasm and participation of our students. 

Learning Objectives: 

Here is a list of the learning objectives for our students this week. 

I can statements:

  • I can identify and describe features of a poem.
  • I can identify and describe a fraction. 
  • I can identify singular and plural nouns.
  • I can identify words that have double vowels in the middle.
  • I can identify similarities and differences between the changes that have occurred. 

Raz Kids Plus:

We have a new trial subscription for Raz Kids Plus. This is an engaging learning resource that we will be using for reading. Due to the current situation, it is difficult to be able to conduct face to face reading assessments with our learners. This week, we will be using Raz Kids Plus to assign a reading task to your child. They will be required to complete a recorded read aloud, followed by comprehension questions. Please note that this is to be completed independently. We will really appreciate your support in regards to helping us make professional judgments for our students. 

Specialist Schedule (Thursday):

There will no longer be drop-in sessions with the specialist teachers on Thursday. Students and parents can message teachers via email or Class Dojo for assistance. Zoom calls can be set up by specialists as necessary.

Counselor Sessions (OPTIONAL):

Ms. Sarina will be holding a social time for second grade students on Thursday’s from 11:30-12:00. She will have some games, activities, and talk time for the students to participate in. It will be great if learners take part in this opportunity to socialize with students from across our grade level. 

Learning Activities:

Just a reminder that on the powerpoint you will find a section of must do activities. These assignments must be completed by the students. At the end of the powerpoint there will be a choice board of may do activities for the week. These are optional tasks for early finishers or students who want extra work. A range of academic and engaging activities are provided weekly for our learners. 

Thanks once again for all your support and effort during e-Learning. 

We hope you have a restful and lovely weekend!


Take care, 

The Second Grade Team


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