Weekly Update – 12th to 16th April

Hi Parents & Caregivers,

We have successfully completed 4 weeks of E-learning. We would like to thank all parents, siblings and caregivers who have taken the time to work alongside their child ensuring they support them in this new, yet exciting learning journey. Our students continued to develop their skills further in nonfiction texts as this corresponds well with the Unit of Inquiry. In reading, students learned about using context clues to find the meaning of unknown words. They engaged in phonics and grammar tasks which focused on developing knowledge of sentences and vowels. Students also continued researching their chosen ecosystem and created a detailed diagram to present their learning. In math, students recapped on their knowledge of two-dimensional shapes and explored quadrilateral shapes. It was a joy seeing the creatures our students created with their shapes!

Learning Objectives: Here is a list of the learning objectives for our students this week. 

I can statements:

  • I can describe ways the author keeps readers interested. 
  • I can identify and describe attributes of three-dimensional shapes.
  • I can compare and contrast attributes of 2D and 3D shapes.
  • I can use adjectives (descriptive words) to describe a noun.
  • I can recognize and use phonograms with VCe patterns.
  • I can start creating a final product that showcases my research about an ecosystem.

Ecosystem Research:

Our students have come to an end of the researching phase for UOI. This week, they will be exploring a way to showcase their research. Students may choose to do this through a variety of ways.  On Sunday, they will begin to plan out how they want to showcase their information. We will provide some examples to get them thinking. A rubric will be provided to students so that they are able to see what they will be assessed on. This will be a great resource to use for guidance and as a checkpoint.  Students will have two weeks to work on the project. The final project will be turned in on Wednesday, April 29th.

Specialist Schedule (Thursday):

There will no longer be drop-in sessions with the specialist teachers on Thursday. Students and parents can message teachers via email or Class Dojo for assistance. Zoom calls can be set up by specialists as necessary.

Counselor Sessions (OPTIONAL):

Ms. Sarina will be running optional parent drop in sessions. You are welcome to drop in on the following days:

  • Mondays 2:00 – 2:20 pm
  • Wednesdays 2:30 – 2:50 pm

Ms Sarina will also be posting a reminder on ClassDojo.

Learning Activities:

Just a reminder that on the powerpoint you will find a section of must do activities. These assignments must be completed by the students. At the end of the powerpoint there will be a choice board of may do activities for the week. These are optional tasks for early finishers or students who want extra work. A range of academic and engaging activities are provided weekly for our learners. 

We hope you have a great weekend and get to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Thank you for another great week! 🙂

Take care, 

The Second Grade Team

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