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Hi Parents & Caregivers,

This week was another successful week of e-Learning with the start of live sessions on Zoom. It was wonderful to be able to interact with our kids virtually.  We look forward to continuing this learning on Zoom. Our students continued to develop strategies when reading nonfiction text and writing complete sentences, using correct sentence structure. Students continued to be engaged in their ecosystem research projects.  We had some great discussions about what they have learned so far and look forward to another discussion this week! During math, students continued to expand upon and review their knowledge of place value and American money.

Learning Objectives: This week students will continue to engage in learning objectives that will have a focus on nonfiction.  We will also be starting a new math unit with a focus on geometry.

I can statements:

  • I can use context clues to find the meaning of unfamiliar words.
  • I can identify and describe attributes of two- dimensional shapes.
  • I can identify and describe quadrilaterals and different types of triangles.
  • I can conduct research over my chosen ecosystem.
  • I can read and write words using phonetic knowledge.
  • I can identify and write different types of sentences.

Ecosystem Research:

Each student will have a live lesson with Ms Prideaux or Ms. Brenda once a week based on the ecosystem they chose. During this time students will collaborate with each other over their ecosystem. This will be a time to add more information to their research. Links for these Zoom meetings will be posted on the daily powerpoint. Here is a schedule for which day and time each ecosystem will meet.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday











Temperate Forest





Learning Activities:

On the powerpoint you will find a section of must do activities. These assignments must be completed by the students. At the end of the powerpoint there will be a chart of may do activities for the week. These are optional tasks for early finishers or students who want extra work. There will be a mix of academic work and engaging experiences.

We hope you have a great weekend and get to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Thank you for another great week! 🙂

Take care, 

The Second Grade Team

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