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Grade 2 Newsletter, April 28 – May 2


For the coming week…


  • Grade 2 will be going to Green Planet Wednesday, May 1. Please sign and return the permission slip by Tuesday. Thank you.
  • Guidelines for the diorama homework are here.
  • We will begin our Ramadan schedule May 5th. School hours are 8:30 – 1:30 daily. We will be collecting students from the playground at 8h20 each morning. Students can be picked up from school at the usual location at 1h30 daily. There will be no early release on Tuesdays.
  • Our final session of MAP testing will be June 9 – 20. Exact dates for Grade 2 will be shared closer to that time.

Edmentum Log-In (the passwords are on the student homework folders)

Important Links

  • The link to our art, music and PE teacher blog is here.
  • The link to our counsellor blog is here.
  • Please follow the links to see you daily specialist and class schedule:

Gr. 2DO

Gr. 2BC

Gr. 2KG


This week in Readers’ Workshop: If…Then, Assessment Based Instruction.

Classwork Homework suggestion
Sunday We are learning to grow expertise in non-fiction reading. Students can practice the reading skills using RAZkids, library books, class book shopping books or other books they have at home.

Please allow your child to choose what to read as it promotes enjoyment of reading which will help them become lifelong readers.

IXL Language Arts: M.1

Monday Students will record new facts as they read.
Tuesday Students will think of questions raised as they read non-fiction.
Wednesday Field trip
Thursday Students will use Edmentum to enhance reading skills.


This week in Writers’ Workshop, All About… writing:

Classwork Homework suggestion
Sunday Students will be looking at the layout of an All About book. Students can practice persuasive writing at home using ideas they are passionate about (Should Grade 2 students have mobile phones? Should Grade 2 students have extra recess time at school? etc.)

IXL Language Arts:

W.1, CC.2

Monday Students will collect information on their plant or animal life cycle.
Tuesday We are learning to order information in a logical way.
Wednesday Field trip
Thursday Students will use Edmentum to practice language arts.



Classwork Homework suggestion
Sunday Students will use Base10 blocks to subtract 2-digit numbers. IXL, Subtraction, H.1, H.2.

IXL, Math, Money, P.13, P.14.

IXL, Estimating and Rounding, N.3, N.4, N.5

IXL, Data and Graphs, R.8, R.9


Monday Students will use coins to make $1 in different ways.
Tuesday We are learning to make a pictograph and then answer questions using the graph.
Wednesday Field trip
Thursday Students will review using Edmentum.


Unit of Inquiry

Grade 2 will continue our Sharing the Planet Unit, Animal and Plant Survival in their Habitats. Students will begin an art project on their particular plant or animal. Students will research the anatomy and life cycle for their “All About…” writing.



For 2DO, email is and Instagram @mrs.oclasstimes

For 2KG, email is and Instagram @kaveri_gour

For 2BC, email is and Instagram @brenda.cinque.52


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