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Grade 2 Newsletter, Dec. 9 – 13


For the coming week…


  • December 13th will be a half day of school before winter break. Students will be dismissed at 12pm. Classes will begin again January 6th.
  • December 9 – 13 will be dress up days in support of homeless pets. Students can dress up for the day and donate money for homeless animals. Each day will have a theme:
    • Scientist Sunday, dress as your favorite scientist
    • Matching Monday, dress to match a friend
    • Tiger Tuesday, dress up like a tiger
    • Wacky-hair Wednesday, come to school with a crazy hairdo
    • Theatre Thursday, wear a mask (no movie masks please)
  • The link to our art, music and PE teacher blog is here.
  • The link to our counsellor blog is here.
  • If you would like to order your child’s individual/class photos, you can visit the photographer’s website at The photographer will return sample photos soon with a website login.
  • Please follow the links to see your class schedule:

Gr. 2DO

Gr. 2BC

Gr. 2KG



This week in Readers’ Workshop, Becoming Experts, Reading Non-fiction:

Sunday Students will be working in their small levelled groups on various skills. Students can practice the reading skills using RAZkids, library books, class book shopping books or other books they have at home. Please allow your child to choose what to read as it promotes enjoyment of reading which will help them become life-long readers.
Monday Students will be working in their small levelled groups on various skills.
Tuesday Students will notice and learn the details and fun facts in non-fiction.
Wednesday Students will be working in their small levelled groups on various skills.
Thursday Review of skills learned this week.


This week in Writers’ Workshop, Writing About Reading:

Sunday Students will share their book reviews with other Grade 2 classes in celebration of our Writing About Reading unit. Students can practice these writing skills by writing about books they are reading and having conversations about the plot, characters and meaning of stories they are reading.
Monday Students will write a small moment story about their weekend.
Tuesday Students will write the story Walking in the Air as a small moment story.
Wednesday Students will review their work using our checklist.
Thursday Students will work on finishing writing from the week.

Students can use IXL Language Skills to support literacy. This week, students can do Two-syllable Words, M.1, and M.2.



Link to Everyday Math Support for Parents Please visit this site to support Unit 3 Math learning.

Sunday Students will be learning to build numbers with Base10 blocks, thinking about how to change hundreds for 10s, 10s for 1s. Students can practice this skill on IXL, Place Value, M.8, M.9, M.10.
Monday Students will be using frames and arrows with two kinds of rules. Students can practice this skill on IXL, Counting and Number Sequences, A.14.
Tuesday We are learning to make change by counting up to 100. Students can practice this skill on IXL, Money, P.10.
Wednesday Students will be “buying” items using exact change and without exact change. Students can practice this skill on IXL, Money, P.11.
Thursday Review of the week and fluency practice.


Unit of Inquiry

In UOI, students will begin tuning in to a new unit of inquiry. We will be doing our first unit of science. Students will consider how to distinguish solids, liquids and gases and the definition of matter.



For 2DO, email is and Instagram @mrs.oclasstimes

For 2KG, email is and Instagram @kaveri_gour

For 2BC, email is and Instagram @brenda.cinque.52


List of websites/apps that can be accessed for home learning:


  • A PreK-3 database for reading and research. Our subscription includes PebbleGo Animals and PebbleGo Science.


      • username: studentuasd and password uasd1234


  • For students in Grades 1-5. This database includes thousands of easy-to-read articles packed with stunning illustrations, videos, interactive maps, engaging games and activities.


    • username: studentuasd and password uasd1234


Further reading regarding homework:

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