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Grade 2 Newsletter, Sept. 23 – 27


Welcome to our Grade 2 blog!

For this coming week…


  • We have decided to put our Grade 2 classes back together for specialist lessons. If your child has already begun swim lessons, they will now stop until the week of Oct. 7th when all Gr. 2 classes will begin a 4-week swim unit. We will post the exact swim dates for each class in our next blog post.
  • If your child has not yet completed their “See How I Grew” poster, please have them finish and return the poster as soon as possible. Students are beginning to present them in class.
  • Most students have their hats and water bottles with them for recess time. If your child does not, please make sure they have both. Hats can stay in their cubbies overnight.
  • Some students feel cold in the air conditioned classrooms, particularly if they have been sweating heavily at recess time. Please send in a sweater/jacket for your child to put on if they feel cold. They can stay in their cubbies when they are not wearing them. They do not need to be UAS uniform pieces. Thank you.
  • October 21 – 25 will be PD days for teachers. There will be no school for students those days.



Our students will try new strategies for solving tricky words in their reading: a sound at a time; dividing the words into chunks; looking for a word within the word, etc. Students will learn to be persistent in solving difficult words to fully understand the meaning of what they are reading. Please read with your child for about 20 minutes each day.


In writing, students will think about the small moments in their lives that can make great stories and learn to write them as if they’re telling those stories to a friend. Next, students will learn to stretch out small moments, planning the details of their story before they begin to write. To support writing at home, ask your child to write about something you have done together as a family. Encourage your child to include lots of details, like where you were, who was with you, and a chronology of what happened.



This week our students will continue to practice fluency in their number bonds; using 100s, 10s and 1s to decipher numbers and count money; and find patterns in sequences of 2s, 5s, 10s and 100s. Students will be mastering their 10s bonds in order to solidify their basic addition skills. This week’s lessons can be support using IXL, Grade 2, A.1 – A.14, B.1 and B. 3, Q.2 and Q.15.


Unit of Inquiry

Students will continue to present their “See How I Grew” posters in class. Students will have discussions about artifacts and how they tell us about life in the past.


A special thank you to Ahmed’s dad who came to talk with us about Dubai in the 1980s. Our students were shocked to learn that classrooms had no air conditioning; lunch only cost 2 dirhams; and you had to find a payphone and use a dirham to call your mom or dad! Unthinkable!



Link to the Back to School presentation for 2DO

For 2KG, email is and Instagram @kaveri_gour

For 2BC, email is and Instagram @brenda.cinque.52


Link to Everyday Math Support for Parents

Please visit this site to support Unit 1 Math learning.


List of websites/apps that can be accessed for home learning:


  • Learning A-Z


      • Raz Kids
      • Reading A-Z
      • Writing A-Z
      • Username and password provided by homeroom teacher


  • IXL



  • A PreK-3 database for reading and research. Our subscription includes PebbleGo Animals and PebbleGo Science.


      • username: studentuasd and password uasd1234


  • For students in Grades 1-5. This database includes thousands of easy-to-read articles packed with stunning illustrations, videos, interactive maps, engaging games and activities.


    • username: studentuasd and password uasd1234


Further reading regarding homework:

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