The UAS Elementary school uses the Everyday Math program.

Find everything you would like to know about the Everyday Math program HERE.

End of Unit Assessments

In Everyday Mathematics, assessment is like a motion picture, revealing the development of each child’s mathematical understanding over time while also giving the teacher useful feedback about the instructional needs of individual children and the class. At the end of each unit, you will receive a scored IPP (individual profile of progress) for your child.  This is a summary of several assessments which show the development of your child’s mathematical understanding over the course of the unit.

Part A is for summative purposes.  It shows us how students are progressing toward grade level goals.  Students making adequate progress towards grade-level goals should do fairly well on this section.

Part B is more of a formative (ongoing) assessment to help us plan future instruction.  It is helpful to establish student growth over time.  It is expected that some or all students will make mistakes on this part.

We will use this assessment information to inform future lessons and learning opportunities in the classroom.  We will provide additional practice or challenges based on your child’s understanding and development.

What to do as a parent?
Congratulate your child for his/her accomplishments.  Encourage your child to talk about what he/she does well and what he/she finds challenging.  Self-reflection is an important part of learning.

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