Exhibition Reflection

I finished exhibition and it was a very fun experience. at the first 2 weeks, I really didn’t want to do it but after I met with my group and did everything with them is actually very fun and interesting. On week 3 & 4 we got to meet with our mentors and plan our action plan. on week 5 & 6 we were doing our research and we had to write our information report which is here!   On week 7 we were planning our video and our board. we made posters and a feedback tree. WEEK 8 it was the exhibition week I was very nervous because I and some other people were 20 minutes late and I didn’t want to start exhibition like that. When exhibition ended I was very upset because it was very fun.

I also wrote to the future grade 5’s and told them all about exhibition. You can see my letter here!


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