science Museum

In the science museum I saw a floating granite rock ballon water.We played with it for 30 min. And then we did a science solar energy thing with lego cars and did a race with other cars made from lego.And the most favorite part of the museum was when we were in the dark with a lap frog watching it glow in the dark.

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ancient Egypt

I liked how they draw and explain to children.

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Roller Coasters and Energy

The thing that happened is that it went inside the cup.That when a thing is going down it makes energy.

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Human Heart

A humans heart is a thing that inside your body and pumps blood so you can live.Without the heart we can not live.And you think that your heart looks like the one in your body.But the heart in you is a lot not like the one we draw.It is as big as your fist.  

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Intro to Decimals!

I see Decimals in the shop on the food price or candy price.For example 4.89 is a Decimal.I need to learn Decimal because when you go shopping you need to know how much you or the casher owns you money.

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Feedback-4th grade and CAS

What did you like?

I liked how the CAS students came to the library to work with us.

What did you learn?

I learned that everyone has different stereotype.

It made me learn that I should listen  to other peoples opinion



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Advertising:Reality vs. Advert

In a add if it is a food they make it look healthy so that the parents can buy it and they make it look fresh.

And adds they put kids to the cartoon to make them buy it.



A good advert has a lot of information.

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Advertising stereotypes choosing books

We saw what age and what gender or reading gender like some books are for girls and boys or for both.

We did the books age and gender about what age can or gender can read this book.

We did this because to see what books we choose.

I liked the part when we were doing the gender things with the books.

I wonder how do the they now that the gender is a boy or a girl book.

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Moral Education Unit 2 Lesson 1- Healthy Mind and body

I stay healthy by eating healthy food like eggs, brown bread, dog cookies.And tennis and swimming are sports that keep you healthy also, and brush teeth.Its important to learn how to be healthy because if not you will be fat and if your to fat you can not run walk and you might break your leg bones.

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I learned that stereotype people sometimes are grumpy and think like ugly people are dum and believe that tigers are red and think false things and true things.

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