Personal project Reflection

June 18, 2018

Today I started my project. I am feeling proud of the work that I have finished in this lesson. I am looking forward to Presenting to the grade 1 and kg2 kids. I need to get thinking about how I am going to organize it for each kid to be able to write on each paper. I also need to start thing about what other things will I put on the paper. Another thin is that I also need to think how I am going to make it so it is not too hard for them. Overall today I am happy of what I have done in this period.

June 19, 2018

Today I learned that I need to think more about what the kids are comfortable more than what I know. Today I changed some of the papers because I realized that it was going to be to hard for the younger kids. Today I improved my thinking skills I was more focused and made important changes. Today I was also more focused than yesterday and managed to get more done.

Today I demonstrated the profile communicator because I learned to discover new and better ideas from people and the internet. I also demonstrated communicators because I helped other people in their projects and worked together to help each other. This is why I think that I have improved from yesterday.

June 20, 2018

Today I was challenged, The difficult thing that happened today was thinking of ideas for the papers. Another thing that was difficult today was trying to focus because it was very loud. The most enjoyable thin for me today was testing the questions and games with other people in my class because I got their feedback and that made my work way better.

By the end of the week I want to have prepared everything for the younger kids. By the end of the week I also want to have learned to accept ideas from all possible search items for example Ixl, teachers, students, and parents. all of these are places where i can get more ideas from That is what happened today. It was a very amazing day.

June 25, 2018

Today I added the last and final touches to my project. I first finished off all the posters and found all the books I want to take with me. Then I planned  the papers and the books for kg2  and grade 1.  I put the classes thing in different boxes. I also had to collect 20 papers for grade 1 and 18 papers for kg2. I had a choice of colored paper and plain white paper. I went with plain white paper for grade 1 and colored paper for kg2 because grade 1 are more responsible. After that I had to double check with teachers when I  can come in to their classroom to present. After  what I had done that my project was complete. Today was a  successful day.

Personal Project



My ideas are:

1: Science activities

2: Make some activities for the younger kids


My final decision is that I will… make some activities and give them to younger kids


My plan is to…  reflect on what I learned this year and make some activities and see what the younger kids know about these units.


I will keep my work / information…  a box in the classroom


My final ‘product’ or my aim I am working to achieve is… to have taught something about grade 4 to the younger kids.


Transdisciplinary Themes I am Working on:  


HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES: expressing ideas; creativity; music, drama, art, writing, poetry.

HOW THE WORLD WORKS: science (living things, physics, chemistry etc.); scientific & technological discoveries/inventions



Approaches to Learning I will Focus On:  (delete what you are not using)

Self Management Skills – Using large and small muscle skills effectively. Organization:. Time management. Safety. Healthy lifestyle. Appropriate behaviour. Making good choices.

Communication Skills – Listening. Speaking. Reading. Writing. Presenting.

Research Skills – Asking questions. Observing. Planning. Collecting & recording data/information by drawing, note taking, making charts, writing etc. Organizing information. Making conclusions.


Children Rights

This unit was all about children rights. A right is something that all children all adults should have. For example of a right that children  should have is the right to be free and safe with a family. If a child does not have this right that is called a denied right.

In this unit we had a project were we had to chose a person that had denied rights or someone that was helping with the denied rights. I was Salva Dut . Salva Dut is an 11 year old boy that got lost from his family for 19 year but he is now the founder of water for Southern Sudan. I chose him because he has an inspiring story and because the book that I had recently red was called ” A Long Walk to Water” was all about him.

Click here to see the video 

After the project I now have a lot of stars and a few wishes some of the stars are I had a lot of facts to give about the character. Another star I have is that I spoke in aloud, clear and confident voice. One wish that I have is I wish that I could have made my speech a little longer. I also wish that I could have changed my pose because sometimes I forgot to say why the pose was like that.

in this unit I learned that some children get married off at a very young age. I also learned that every child should be treated equally.

If I were to do do it again I would Probably change my character because I noticed that I did not have much to research.

This project made me add Tab For a cause to my computer.

Now I have a question for you if you had to do my project what character would you choose.


Reflecting on my Personal Inquiry Proect

Do you ever get confused between logos? Well one day I was looking at logos then vs now and I noticed how some logos are pretty similar. In my class we had an advertising project so I decided to do my project on how logos are similar and different. Although I worked alone I got a lot done in three periods ( 3 and a half hours)

I organized my project by making multiple venn diagrams comparing how their logos are similar and different. and another page of where I think they got their ideas from. Along the way I even created a theory which was that almost every pizza company uses the color of their ingredients in their logo.

The companies I compared were Coca cola, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Apple, Samsung, Twix, Galaxy, Maped, Crayola. What was  weird though is that I thought that some companies copied each other. Even though I worked alone I still think that I had good communication skills, because I asked people about their opinion. Then we had presenting. That was a bit tiering  just because I had so much to say.

Overall I think I would give myself a 9/10 job because I think if I would do it again I would probably make it a bit clearer to read because it was a bit messy. What would you do your project on?




This week we have been looking at adverts such as, TV ads, Print ads, and Radio ads.

*I leaned that there is a larger variety of different  adverts such as, billboards, posters, fliers and many more.

I want to know why adverts such as this on have such small writing?

i think advertising is important because without advertising people won know when you have invented something. For example if you are hosting a bake sale and everything costs 10AED no one will know to bring any money to buy anything and your bake sale will be a fail.

I want to share the advert that I disliked. I disliked it because the mans voice is very boring and it sounds like he does not want to be talking or doing the advert.  What do you think makes a good advert?

Click Here to view the advert that I dislike it is number one “Marmite Mondays”

A Great Innovation

Do you think a small sensor can help you potty  train an animal? I bet not but our central idea in UOI was The World Changes due to Natural Processes & Human Innovation. We learned…….

*Mountains will not last forever because of root wedging  and ice wedging.

*Sand is on the beach  because it gets eroded as it is in a river or a stream.

*What are Innovations and Innovators they are people that gather supplies that are already invented and create something new and useful.

  A piece of work that I want to share is my innovation. I chose this because I worked hard on thinking how it will work especially because people were asking me a lot of questions of how it will work. This is a sensor that I innovated for your newly adopted animals not to urinate in your house. My example that I am using is bags, you put the sensor  on the thing you do not want your animal to urinate on. The sensor can tell if it is a animal by the heat of their body. When the animal touches the bag a alarm will go off caring the animal away.


Do you still think a small sensor cant help you potty train a animal? Well I hope not, that is my innovation do you think that this will help YOU in your animal kingdom?????




Being Innovators

Do you know what a innovator is? Well if you do have you ever tried being one? If you have done that as well than what did you do? Did you say no to all of these questions? Well if you did and want to say yes to all of these questions then keep reading to see what I did to be a innovator.

We were challenged to create a innovative, sensible, and useful with classroom items. Me and my friend Aleena created a pencil holder. I bet you are thinking that “well that really un original.” I disagree it has 2 layers the first one goes inside the second one. So you can always take the first layer out. It has a plus sign the top that separates it into four corners. The first one is for regular pencils, the second corner is four mechanical pens, the third corner is for pens, and the fourth corner is for erasers or if you prefer crayon.

If by this point you do not get what a innovator is it is someone that gathers things that are already invented to create something new that solves a problem and is useful.