Energy Unit 4

My bus is moving, well how is it moving? It is moving because it has energy, but not good energy. It uses Non-Renewable energy. It uses Fossil Fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. A bus uses oil to make it MOVE.

Renewable energy such as wind power, hydroelectric power, solar power, and geothermal are all considered Renewable recourses because they produce energy and do not pollute the planet.

Renewable and Non-Renewable energy both impact our planet differently. Most of our Non-Renewable energy sources pollute the planet while creating energy. Renewable energy on the other hand creates energy while not polluting the planet.

Although solar energy is good for the environment solar panels are very expensive and are inefficient because one solar panel can only light up one light bulb.

Here is a picture of me presenting my project at our energy summit.
Here is a picture with my friends Aiya and Areej is Sustainable city.

So which one will you choose Renewable or Non-Renewable energy

Maths Unit 4 Reflection

This math unit was about decimals. Decimals are fractions written in a different way. For example 3/100 is the same as 0.03. You may not believe it but o.o7 is the same as 0.70. Just because the 0 is at the end it does not mean that it is a larger number you are still saying that you have 7 tenths and 0 hundredths.

My favorite part about decimals was measuring in decimals and turning cm into mm.  If your pen was 3.3 cm it would be 33 mm. But just remember removing the decimal is not only the case.

We can also see decimals in money for example $2.20. In words that is two and twenty hundredths.

 At the beginning of this unit I thought that a decimal was the point in between the numbers. But now I know that they are fractions written in a different way. During this unit I learned that you can see decimals in a lot of places. I had once saw a decimal on one of my moms papers and on one of her shampoo bottles when they said that their as 1.8 ounces of product in the bottle. 

Now to prove that you have learned something which is bigger 3.50 or 3.5? I hope you learned something from this post. After this I dare you to go try decimals.

Reflecting on my Personal Inquiry Proect

Do you ever get confused between logos? Well one day I was looking at logos then vs now and I noticed how some logos are pretty similar. In my class we had an advertising project so I decided to do my project on how logos are similar and different. Although I worked alone I got a lot done in three periods ( 3 and a half hours)

I organized my project by making multiple venn diagrams comparing how their logos are similar and different. and another page of where I think they got their ideas from. Along the way I even created a theory which was that almost every pizza company uses the color of their ingredients in their logo.

The companies I compared were Coca cola, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Apple, Samsung, Twix, Galaxy, Maped, Crayola. What was  weird though is that I thought that some companies copied each other. Even though I worked alone I still think that I had good communication skills, because I asked people about their opinion. Then we had presenting. That was a bit tiering  just because I had so much to say.

Overall I think I would give myself a 9/10 job because I think if I would do it again I would probably make it a bit clearer to read because it was a bit messy. What would you do your project on?



A Great Innovation

Do you think a small sensor can help you potty  train an animal? I bet not but our central idea in UOI was The World Changes due to Natural Processes & Human Innovation. We learned…….

*Mountains will not last forever because of root wedging  and ice wedging.

*Sand is on the beach  because it gets eroded as it is in a river or a stream.

*What are Innovations and Innovators they are people that gather supplies that are already invented and create something new and useful.

  A piece of work that I want to share is my innovation. I chose this because I worked hard on thinking how it will work especially because people were asking me a lot of questions of how it will work. This is a sensor that I innovated for your newly adopted animals not to urinate in your house. My example that I am using is bags, you put the sensor  on the thing you do not want your animal to urinate on. The sensor can tell if it is a animal by the heat of their body. When the animal touches the bag a alarm will go off caring the animal away.


Do you still think a small sensor cant help you potty train a animal? Well I hope not, that is my innovation do you think that this will help YOU in your animal kingdom?????




Trimester 1 Math Reflection


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3 things I have learned in math this trimester are:in this trimester of math I have learned a combination of subtraction and addition.



3 things I have learned in math this trimester are:in this trimester of math I have learned a combination of subtraction and addition.

The last thing is trial and error we had a limited selection of numbers we added them all and each time we aimed for 100. If we did not get that we would try again and that would be called trial and error.



2 feelings I have about math is:confident because I am really good at addition:but worried because I am not that good at subtraction.

1 piece of work that I am proud of is:my Trial and error.