Global Village

Have you ever wanted to take a bite of food from all cultures in one place well I have the place for you Dubai’s Global village is place for you.

December is the best time to go, it will be nice and chilly for all the younger ones to stop complaining about how hot it is. The only thing that would be nicer is if they had a 10% percent off sale. “Attention please here at our very own Global Village we are having a 10% off sale.”

Get your tickets now at for 10% off now! Bring everyone friends, cousins, family. Celebrate with all at Dubai’s Global Village.



Are you tired of the old boring water slide? Well today we will see if Dubai’s Legoland exceeds our expectations, and bring us the fun that has been lost on each boring, same, and old water slides we have been on.

When I first entered the water park I was a little confused because I did not see much water to begin with but as we kept walking I started  seeing pools and water slides. I was starting to think that Legoland would disappoint  me, well at least  that WAS what I thought.

My body trembled as I saw the water slide tower over me like a great big giant. It was a massive conjoined slide that was a combination  of almost six slides together. But that was not even the best part if you had gone down the second last slide to the right you would come out on the second or third slide to the left.

Now we answer the question witch is the point that you are reading this post witch is did Legoland exceed our expectations?  Indeed friends it has I totally recommend going, even though I only focussed on one water slide the water park in general was amazing although do go in the Spring because December is way to cold.

Here is a picture of the front of the water park.