Personal project Reflection

June 18, 2018

Today I started my project. I am feeling proud of the work that I have finished in this lesson. I am looking forward to Presenting to the grade 1 and kg2 kids. I need to get thinking about how I am going to organize it for each kid to be able to write on each paper. I also need to start thing about what other things will I put on the paper. Another thin is that I also need to think how I am going to make it so it is not too hard for them. Overall today I am happy of what I have done in this period.

June 19, 2018

Today I learned that I need to think more about what the kids are comfortable more than what I know. Today I changed some of the papers because I realized that it was going to be to hard for the younger kids. Today I improved my thinking skills I was more focused and made important changes. Today I was also more focused than yesterday and managed to get more done.

Today I demonstrated the profile communicator because I learned to discover new and better ideas from people and the internet. I also demonstrated communicators because I helped other people in their projects and worked together to help each other. This is why I think that I have improved from yesterday.

June 20, 2018

Today I was challenged, The difficult thing that happened today was thinking of ideas for the papers. Another thing that was difficult today was trying to focus because it was very loud. The most enjoyable thin for me today was testing the questions and games with other people in my class because I got their feedback and that made my work way better.

By the end of the week I want to have prepared everything for the younger kids. By the end of the week I also want to have learned to accept ideas from all possible search items for example Ixl, teachers, students, and parents. all of these are places where i can get more ideas from That is what happened today. It was a very amazing day.

June 25, 2018

Today I added the last and final touches to my project. I first finished off all the posters and found all the books I want to take with me. Then I planned  the papers and the books for kg2  and grade 1.  I put the classes thing in different boxes. I also had to collect 20 papers for grade 1 and 18 papers for kg2. I had a choice of colored paper and plain white paper. I went with plain white paper for grade 1 and colored paper for kg2 because grade 1 are more responsible. After that I had to double check with teachers when I  can come in to their classroom to present. After  what I had done that my project was complete. Today was a  successful day.

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