Personal Project



My ideas are:

1: Science activities

2: Make some activities for the younger kids


My final decision is that I will… make some activities and give them to younger kids


My plan is to…  reflect on what I learned this year and make some activities and see what the younger kids know about these units.


I will keep my work / information…  a box in the classroom


My final ‘product’ or my aim I am working to achieve is… to have taught something about grade 4 to the younger kids.


Transdisciplinary Themes I am Working on:  


HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES: expressing ideas; creativity; music, drama, art, writing, poetry.

HOW THE WORLD WORKS: science (living things, physics, chemistry etc.); scientific & technological discoveries/inventions



Approaches to Learning I will Focus On:  (delete what you are not using)

Self Management Skills – Using large and small muscle skills effectively. Organization:. Time management. Safety. Healthy lifestyle. Appropriate behaviour. Making good choices.

Communication Skills – Listening. Speaking. Reading. Writing. Presenting.

Research Skills – Asking questions. Observing. Planning. Collecting & recording data/information by drawing, note taking, making charts, writing etc. Organizing information. Making conclusions.


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