Children Rights

This unit was all about children rights. A right is something that all children all adults should have. For example of a right that children  should have is the right to be free and safe with a family. If a child does not have this right that is called a denied right.

In this unit we had a project were we had to chose a person that had denied rights or someone that was helping with the denied rights. I was Salva Dut . Salva Dut is an 11 year old boy that got lost from his family for 19 year but he is now the founder of water for Southern Sudan. I chose him because he has an inspiring story and because the book that I had recently red was called ” A Long Walk to Water” was all about him.

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After the project I now have a lot of stars and a few wishes some of the stars are I had a lot of facts to give about the character. Another star I have is that I spoke in aloud, clear and confident voice. One wish that I have is I wish that I could have made my speech a little longer. I also wish that I could have changed my pose because sometimes I forgot to say why the pose was like that.

in this unit I learned that some children get married off at a very young age. I also learned that every child should be treated equally.

If I were to do do it again I would Probably change my character because I noticed that I did not have much to research.

This project made me add Tab For a cause to my computer.

Now I have a question for you if you had to do my project what character would you choose.


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