Persuasive Essay 2018


Are you sick of your parents bossing you around? Well show this to your parents so they can stop lying to you to do things, start being more organized about time management and mostly to stop using their phone.

Tick tock, I am late, should I tell you why I am late? Well because my parents were not organised about time management. It is very important that every parent should be organized about them and their kids time management. My first piece of evidence is that when kids grow up they almost always follow in their parents footsteps. So that means if your parents are not organized about time management it is most likely that you will not be organized about your time management. Another example is that kids can start becoming lazy. One time I had swim class that started at 4:15. At 3:55 my mom said that we have loads of time before you start swimming. Another piece of evidence is that kids will start leaving things to the last minute. Let’s think about homework. If kids need to bring back their homework on a Sunday they probably do it on Saturday. So that’s why all parents should be organized about them and their kids time management

Are you sick of your parents practically lying to you to do things, well I am for multiple reasons. My first piece of evidence is that kids can actually believe it and cry or get scared. I know this by personal experience. My mom had once told my sister when she was little that if she did not eat her vegetables she would lose all her toys and your siblings will never talk or play with you. In addition to this is when they grow up they might still believe in those which can also lead them to be scared about what they do. Something similar to this is that they might actually think that those things are real, and they will start to feel that they are forced to do those things. My mom had once told me that her friends mom told her children that if they wouldn’t clean their room people will start making fun of them and you will have bad luck. Until this day they still clean not only their room but their whole house. Surprisingly when they she came to my house she cleaned  our whole house. This is not a coincidence because she is my moms closest friend. So that’s what happens when your parents lie to you to do things.

Although parents should start being organized about time management and stop lying to their children to do things they should especially stop using their phone. They should stop using their phone because it will encourage kids to spend more time on their phone or devices. Especially when the parents tell their children to leave their phone at the dinner table and two minutes later the child sees its mom or dad glancing over at their phone and slowly picking it up, and finally after hours of sitting and staring on their phone they put it down.  Another piece of evidence is that they can get very distracted very easily which can lead to serious injury. It can also lead to sickness. This recently happened to my friend. Her mom said it was because she used her phone to much, and when I asked her why she used her phone to much she said that she tried to act like her mom. So parents you should always and I mean always spend less time on their phone.

Now that you know about the importance of a parents example to their children, then spread all the reasons to your friends and family for the hope of them setting a good example to their children. If you are a child show this to your parents. But if you are a parent remember this and know that your children want to copy you and if you do not set a good example your child will probably set a bad example to their children. Now go off child explore the world and remember even if your parents do not organize their time management better, lie to you, or maybe even use their phone to much you should always set a good example to everyone. So just imagine a perfect life when your young and older. So go ahead and set a good example to your children.


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