Maths Unit 4 Reflection

This math unit was about decimals. Decimals are fractions written in a different way. For example 3/100 is the same as 0.03. You may not believe it but o.o7 is the same as 0.70. Just because the 0 is at the end it does not mean that it is a larger number you are still saying that you have 7 tenths and 0 hundredths.

My favorite part about decimals was measuring in decimals and turning cm into mm.  If your pen was 3.3 cm it would be 33 mm. But just remember removing the decimal is not only the case.

We can also see decimals in money for example $2.20. In words that is two and twenty hundredths.

 At the beginning of this unit I thought that a decimal was the point in between the numbers. But now I know that they are fractions written in a different way. During this unit I learned that you can see decimals in a lot of places. I had once saw a decimal on one of my moms papers and on one of her shampoo bottles when they said that their as 1.8 ounces of product in the bottle. 

Now to prove that you have learned something which is bigger 3.50 or 3.5? I hope you learned something from this post. After this I dare you to go try decimals.

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