I Love Camelbak Water Bottles

“CRASH!” That is the sound of your water bottle breaking. You should try Camelbaks water bottles. They are amazing. I love Camelbak water bottles because, there are different types of them, they have good advertising, and they have a lot of sizes, let me tell you more.

Maybe I don’t want a water bottle that has a drinking hole. Or a twist cap. Well that is okay because Camelbak has a variety of different types of water bottles. For example, a straw, a drinking hole, a twist cap, and a leak proof water bottle of each one of those. As I am saying this I am realizing that I have a lot of choices to choose from and I always go for one of the straw ones that are leak proof, because personally those are my favorite so I always go for them. I remember when I had a different brand water bottle and they only had one type of water bottle which was a drinking hole,i got drenched in minutes. I know that it’s not my clumsiness because it happened to almost all of my friends. Personally I think that they can get very messy. I think that having different types of  water bottles are really important is because everyone is different and likes different things. I know that one of my friends loves Camelbaks drinking hole water bottles. I remember when me and my friend were about to start school and we needed to go shopping for school supplies. We went to millions of stores before we actually found a perfect water bottle. Most of the stores we went to only had one type of water bottles which was a twist cap. But that was not the case when I stumbled by Camelbak. I was amazed to see different types of water bottles. I was especially shocked to see they had a leak proof and a spill proof one. Now I realize that Camelbak has a larger variety of water bottles than I thought.

Now that you know that Camelbak has different types of water bottles, you should also know that they have good and honest advertising. My current water bottle from Camelbak has advertising all over the water bottle. Camelbak has many different suppliers one of them are eddy. It is very rare to find a Camelbak bottle without a supplier. But when they do they also advertise that company. They advertise it at the bottom of the water bottle. At the bottom of the water bottle it says Camelbak, and underneath it is their supplier. Why I love this is because it lets people know that their suppliers  also have good water bottles. When they have a supplier they will always put their logo. Unlike other water bottles they have advertising multiple times on the water bottle other water bottles have advertising one time on the water bottle. As I am thinking about this I am realizing that no one really pays attention to the advertising for the suppliers. But even if people don’t pay attention to the supplier advert. Camelbak still are honest and at least put the companies name and logo. That is why they have good and honest advertising.

Tall or short, Camelbak has got it all. Maybe you are looking for a tall water bottle, a short water bottle, or maybe even an exact 750ml water bottle. If you are a person that does not drink a lot of water you will like this. Camelbak sells a variety of water bottle sizes.If you do not drink a lot of water you can get their biggest size. 750ml and at the end of the day you can see how much you have drank. Why I find this useful, is because I live in Dubai, and in Dubai it is really hot, so I usually never even think about water. I just play and swim. It is not only useful to me but also useful to my mom because she can judge if I have drank a lot of water.  Either way tall and short water bottles are amazing.

Gulp! Gulp! I love drinking from my Camelbak water bottles because, they have a variety of different types of them, they have good and honest advertising and because they have a lot of sizes. I am 100% sure if you ever see me you will for sure see me drinking from my Camelbak water bottle, because I love Camelbak water bottles.

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