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A Great Innovation

Do you think a small sensor can help you potty ┬átrain an animal? I bet not but our central idea in UOI was The World Changes due to Natural Processes & Human Innovation. We learned……. *Mountains will not last forever … Continue reading

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Global Village

Have you ever wanted to take a bite of food from all cultures in one place well I have the place for you Dubai’s Global village is place for you. December is the best time to go, it will be … Continue reading

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People of Determination

I bet you have a challenge, am I right? Is that challenge that you have a problem with your friends? Well there are people that have even bigger challenges, and they are called people of determination. People of determination are … Continue reading

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Are you tired of the old boring water slide? Well today we will see if Dubai’s Legoland exceeds our expectations, and bring us the fun that has been lost on each boring, same, and old water slides we have been … Continue reading

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