Being Innovators

Do you know what a innovator is? Well if you do have you ever tried being one? If you have done that as well than what did you do? Did you say no to all of these questions? Well if you did and want to say yes to all of these questions then keep reading to see what I did to be a innovator.

We were challenged to create a innovative, sensible, and useful with classroom items. Me and my friend Aleena created a pencil holder. I bet you are thinking that “well that really un original.” I disagree it has 2 layers the first one goes inside the second one. So you can always take the first layer out. It has a plus sign the top that separates it into four corners. The first one is for regular pencils, the second corner is four mechanical pens, the third corner is for pens, and the fourth corner is for erasers or if you prefer crayon.

If by this point you do not get what a innovator is it is someone that gathers things that are already invented to create something new that solves a problem and is useful.




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