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  1. UAS has some seriously Principled Kids!

    November 1, 2017 by escounselors


    October’s PYP Learner Profile trait was Principled!  Principled means taking responsibility, and being a leader.  It means treating others with care and respect. The way Ms. Jen and I describe it to our students is, “If no one was watching you, would you do the right thing?”  Our UAS kids would!

    Our new theme for November is being a great Thinker.  Thinkers slow down and think before they act.  They come up with creative ways to solve problems and are curious about the world around them.  We’ll be celebrating our great Thinkers at our next Lunch Bunch on November 28.

    *As an important note to parents, we are no longer providing pizza every Lunch Bunch and are instead opting for a mystery treat.  Therefore its important to send your child to school with a means to eat lunch.  

    Below is our list of October’s Principled Honorees:


    Lois Finney Khawla Almazrouei, Leo Hachiya
    Tolu Daramola Hashim Altarawneh, Tala Azzouni
    Lauren Alvarez Clara Maksoudian, Jad Hachem
    Michelle McCarthy Neda Naysee, Asahi Hishitani
    Aoife O’Reilly Saleel Abu Saleem, Mohamad Seifeddine


    Kristin Yates Latifa Alqadhi; Ryo Miyabayashi
    Kristen Prideaux Sam Kashani, Aya Chamlian
    Thao Tozin Anna Sophia El Khoury and Youssuf Gad
    Veronica Jones Saeed Alwawaleh, Yasmine Ibrahim
    Nancy Salem Mohammad B and Mohammad S



    Beenish Russell Hind Almazrouei and Serjio Davidian
    Deborah O’Sullivan Zoe Mouchantaf, Cici Ding
    Cindi Meeks Sarah and Hadi
    Andrea Kavanagh Qais Mujahed, Zayn Siddiqui



    Nadine Kidane Arash Aiyoppa, Hamza Smaili
    Elliott Russell Farida Naguib and Haya Matraji


    Van Dyke


    Yasmeen Kassab, Chris Noujaim

    Adnan, Naya



    Coleton Tillett Kian Haffar, Sara Mudassir
    Amie Jones Yousuf Khatib, Anaya Samaraweera
    Sharon Davy Sami (improvement) and Karl Tawdoos
    Alicia Talbot Rhea Grace Mehra & Mayed Alghandi



    Sinead Ryan Shahd Mohamad, Lujain Shaikh Alzour
    Erik Yates Jayden Bester, Aya Fadlallah
    Shannon Schricker Krishna, Ramy


    Specialist Nominations

    Al Finney Feliks Bural (4AT)
    Catherine Khachatryn Arsh Contractor (2AK)
    Rianne Fox Youzhen Chen KG2LF, Seohyun Kim KG2AOR, Ania Mohammed 1NS
    Zou Fraser Peter Zou 4CT, Charbel Abboud 5SS
    Rabab Housino Elias, Abrahim-GR 3, Abdulla,Ameera- GR2, Adham,Abdullah- GR1, Al Husari, Abdul Raheem- KG2
    Heba Fares Goerge Balot 1KY, Farah Hakil G5 , Abdullah Anohi G4SD , Anthony Sawaya G3NK
    Nisreen Al Soloh Kg2: Adnan Zaher/ Noora Al Falasi, G1: Karim Tabbara/ Imane Nassif, G2: Mohamed Abdelazim/ Ghazi Zeitoon, G3: Yara Sheikh Ali/ Nai Foudeh, G4: Yousuf Khatib/ Adam El Dali, G5: Noor Abdulhussain/ Evangeline Taiba
    Rahmah Abdullah Kodarzi, Hamdan G3
    Elizabeth Tyrrell Amy Nassif (G1NS) and Judson Furman (G1KP)
    Betsy Austin Noor Eldanaf (3AVD), Norah Furman (3GK)
    Heather Worling Jodi Hassanein (2AK). Yuki Maeno (2BR)
    Erika Ettl Keigo Ota (KG2 TD) & Isabella Gutierrez (KG2 LF)
    Rob Calandra Parsa Mehdi 4SD & Malak Jallad (MJ) 4AJ

  2. What a Day!

    October 26, 2017 by escounselors


    Despite the classroom parties and school-wide parades, Rockstar Recess also happened today.  Several of our EC students were honored by their teachers for being Principled.  Because they listened to the teacher and were kind to their friends they got to come and play in the activities room downstairs with The Flash and The Explorer today.  At home remind your students that to be Principled means, to do the right thing, even if no one is watching.

  3. Social Emotional Learning in Pre-K and KG1

    October 22, 2017 by escounselors

    Hello EC Parents!  I’m excited to announce that the counseling office is partnering with our EC teachers to bring a research-based social-emotional learning curriculum to your child’s class on a weekly basis.  In PreK, Mr. Fields will be coming in to teach 15 min lessons with George and Sally.  These lessons focus on such areas as: learning to greet someone, how to introduce yourself, how to ask to play, how to share, developing empathy, how to problem-solve, and preparing for transitions.  In addition to Mr. Fields’ lessons, Ms. Waldo and Ms. Dornan will be following up with songs, brain-builder games and activities as part of the program.

    George and Sally

    In KG1 Mr. Fields will be coming in once per month, while classroom teachers will teach the weekly lesson during those other weeks.  The lessons for KG1 are very similar to PreK but are longer (25 mins), and are a little more advanced.  And its not George and Sally coming in, its the infamous Puppy and Mr. Snail!  If you’d like more information about what this program entails, feel free to email Mr. Fields at for details, or to set up an appointment to chat.

    Mr. Snail and Puppy

  4. Rockstar Recess Revs Up!

    October 22, 2017 by escounselors

    The Early Childhood Department is once again participating in Rockstar Recess every week.  Rockstar Recess is a weekly celebration of those students whom demonstrated outstanding behavior that week as it relates to our PYP monthly learning traits.  The month of October’s theme is Principled.  Students who were “caught” doing the right thing are chosen by their teacher every Thursday to join Mr. Fields and Ms. Hanna for a half an hour of fun in our activity room on the ground floor.  There they can ride scooters, build with legos, do puzzles, or play with various other toys.


  5. Developmental Milestones in Young Children

    October 15, 2017 by escounselors


    Use these CDC (Center for Disease Control) developmental milestones as a reference for the growth of your child.

    CDC Developmental Milestones in Young Children

    In addition, Sesame Street has a great website with resources on recognizing developmental milestones, along with a variety of other topics.


  6. Reporting vs Tattle-telling

    October 10, 2017 by escounselors

    This week in grades KG2 through 5, Mr. Fields and Ms. Jen have been teaching students about the second R in the 3 R’s of Bullying Prevention.  The second R is Reporting.  This week we are discussing:

    1. How to know when to report
    2. The difference between reporting and tattle-telling
    3. Who are safe adults you can report to


    Students are taught that you should report a problem if you feel like you cannot get it to stop on your own.

    Tattle-Telling is:

    -A small problem that you could have solved on your own

    -Telling a teacher just because you want to get someone in trouble

    Reporting is:

    -Someone is being hurt or could be hurt

    -Someone is bullying someone else

    -You cannot solve the problem on your own and need help

    -When reporting bullying the magic words to say are “I need to report bullying.”


    Safe Adults to report to could included:






  7. Let’s Get Focused

    October 8, 2017 by escounselors

    A constant concern among parents is how to get their children to focus and pay attention to directions.  Although different classrooms have different variations on listening rules and strategies for honing children’s ability to focus, when Ms. Jen and I conduct counseling lessons in classrooms, we teach children the four Listening Skills from the Second Step curriculum.

    The four Listening Skills (as taught to classes) are as follows:















    These skills, when practiced over and over again, help children gain control over impulses and focus their attention.

    In addition to reminding your student of the listening rules, there at things you can do at home to foster the development of focusing skills.

    Give your child a distraction-free zone.  In the age of multi-tasking, we often underestimate how environmental cues in the home can steal focus and attention.  If you are trying to focus and continually keep getting distracted, imagine yourself at you child’s age trying to do the same.  Give them a chance to be free of distractions when listening for directions or doing work.

    Get their eyes on you before anything else.  Ms. Jen and I alway teach, “where your eyes go, your ears go.”  Before you give directions to your child, ensure they’re looking at you and hearing you.  Ask for a verbal response that they’re hearing you.  You could say, “Are your ears listening?”  Or ” Time to focus?” and they say “Focus Time!”  Or you can make up your own back and forth catch phrase with your child.  To get things started you may have to physically redirect your child towards you to make initial eye contact.

    System overload!  When assigning tasks, be short and sweet.  All directions for small children should not be longer than 1-2 commands at most.  If you ask a small child to do more than this they will get confused and their attention will wane.  If the task is complex, break it down into smaller segments first.  For example, instead of saying, “Put your dirty dishes away, go up to your room, get out your homework and get started,” give one direction at a time, wait for the task to be completed, then give the next one.  This will prevent overload.

    Kids need to move. Imagine yourself sitting for more that 20-30 mins.  Most adults get uncomfortable when asked to sit without movement for that long.  Imagine being a small chid with a ton of energy. Make sure you kiddo receives lots of energy-buring time.  Right after school should be a time to run and move.  Build in mandatory play breaks before, during, and after high-concentration tasks.

    Baby steps.  If you find your child isn’t able to manage an assigned task, reevaluate your expectations.  Start small and slowly build up to tasks that require more attention for longer periods of time.  Its important a child begins to feel some success.  No one likes to be asked to do something they’re not capable of doing.

    Reinforce!  When your child does sustain attention, follow your directions accurately, or doesn’t need a prompt from a grown up first, make sure to provide them with praise.  Reinforcement does not need to be a new toy or candy.  Research has shown that often a verbal “Great job!  I’m proud of you,” from the right person, can be just as effective in motivating positive behavior as a tangible item.

    For some cool concentration games you could play at home follow these  links :

    5 Simple Concentration Building Techniques for Kids

    The Attention Games: Catching Focus

    *note that although the links say these games are for kids with ADHD, the strategies they provide will help all children with increasing their attention and focus

  8. Bullying Prevention Lessons have begun!

    October 5, 2017 by escounselors

    Mr. Fields and Ms. Jen have been busy in grades KG2-G5 conducting classroom lessons. Our focus for the month of October is bullying prevention and our students have received their first lesson from the Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit.  Lesson 1 focused on recognizing what bullying behavior looks like and the difference between being bullied and having an argument or conflict with another peer.  It also focused on how adult intervention is often required to end bullying effectively and how to refuse bullying by being assertive.  After the lesson, the children were able to provide examples of bullying and were also able to identify different scenarios where bullying behaviour was taking place and situations where children were just having a conflict.  The children practiced refusing bullying by using their words in an assertive, but respectful voice.  

    Next week will start lesson 2 which will focus on bystanders-people who see or know about bullying happening to others and the many ways bystanders can help stop bullying.

    Below are some pictures of the students from 3AVD engaged in one of the bullying prevention videos.


  9. September Lunch Bunch Winners!

    September 28, 2017 by escounselors

    As in years past, Ms. Jen and Mr. Fields are continuing the Lunch Bunch Celebration tradition this year.  If you’ve never heard of Lunch Bunch, it is a once-a-month party honoring students in grades KG2-5 that demonstrated the PYP Learner Trait of the month.  At the party we have games, music, and students get to eat in the picnic area (very exclusive).  We also have a “Mystery Treat,” that invitees won’t discover until they show up.

    Each month’s character trait is different too.  We ask teachers, including specialist teachers, to nominate 2 students, whom they felt did an outstanding job of modeling that trait.

    For September our monthly theme was Caring, and those student who showed others a remarkable amount of care and concern were chosen by their teachers.  As I tell the students when I announce the winners, its normal to feel a little saddened by the fact that you were not chosen.  And you certainly may have shown a large amount of Care to others, but teachers can only choose two students each month, so its important to be happy for your classmates who were picked and tell them so.  There is a also a really good chance you will get picked at some point too, considering that we have a Lunch Bunch Celebration every month up until May.

    Below is the list of our honored Lunch Bunch guests who got to enjoy some popsicles on a hot summer afternoon!


    Adam Khalil and Mustafa Hassanein, Noor Al Falasi (Ms. Nisreen), Youzhen Chen (Ms. Worling)
    Sol El Lahham, Keigo Ota, Shuo Li (Ms. Worling)
    Liyana Dadoo
    Malak Ali-Hasan & Abdul Raheem Al Husari
    Farida Abdulwahab and Youssef Khalil



    Sophia Saad & Jason Jarrouche
    Rihito Ozaki & Seline Ammar, Leen Al shurbaji Almuzaeyk (Ms. Nisreen), Omar Alhawar (Ms. Erika/PE)
    Ava Miller & Shadi Jamal, Ayah Nassar (Ms. Nisreen)
    Youssef Taha, Misk Jallad, Lea El-Dali (Mr. Rabab), Misk Jallad (Ms. Erika/PE),
    Amy Nassif & Safa Qasemi


    Stephanie Khoukaji and James Wagstaff
    Xinyang Liu & Sama Alghanma
    Adam Nader and Karim
    Jodi Hassanein & Farrah Algebaly


    Yuki Yoshida and Norah Furman
    Serena Abushakra and Sholia Khan
    Nai Foudeh and Ziad Zeidan
    Noor Eldanaf and Yara Sheikhali


    Ziad Mohamad, Chantal Gad
    Mira Safa & Khalid Alzamly
    Farah and Naveen
    Ziad Sallam & Malak Mahmoud


    Elizabeth McCabe and Shaza Khan
    Nadine Maayah & Abdal Kareem
    Viola and Marya


  10. October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

    September 28, 2017 by escounselors

    Dear UAS Elementary Parents,

    October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, where across the world schools and communities spend an entire month of education and awareness activities.  Our Elementary Counselors, Ms. Jen and Mr. Fields will be busy conducting lessons in your child’s classrooms, grades K2 – Grade 5 using the Bullying Prevention Unit through the Second Step program.  The Second Step program teaches children important skills about getting along with others and doing well in school.  It also helps our school to be a safe, respectful place where everyone can learn.

    Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance and the behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.

    In order to be considered bullying, the behavior must be aggressive and include:

    An Imbalance of Power: Kids who bully use their power—such as age, size, physical strength, access to embarrassing information, or popularity—to control or harm others.

    Repetition: Bullying behaviors happen more than once or have the potential to happen more than once and the person it is happening to has not been able to get it to stop.  It is unfair and one-sided.

    In these Bullying Prevention lessons, your child will learn specific skills to help stop bullying.  

    Students will learn how to:  

    • Recognize when bullying is happening
    • Report bullying to a caring adult
    • Refuse to let bullying happen to themselves or others
    • Be an Ally who stands up and is part of the solution of bullying

    As parents, we need your help too!  Get involved in making our school a safe and respectful place by letting us know if you hear about bullying at our school.  Make sure your child knows to tell you or someone at school if he or she is being bullied.  Ask your child how they can be an Ally at school and give your child the clear message that it is never okay to bully others.  Mr. Fields and Ms. Jen will be in attendance at the Parent Coffee Morning on Oct. 11 to provide parents with a more in-depth overview of our Bullying Prevention curriculum and to answer any questions you may have.

    We are excited to provide this important lesson to our students in the hopes that it will enrich our school community and make it a safer and more fun place to learn and grow.  Please contact either Ms. Jen or Mr. Fields if you have any further questions.  


    Kindest Regards,


    Mr. Fields and Ms. Jen

    UAS Elementary School Counselors


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