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K-5 PE Week of 30th

Through team building and cooperative games, students will be able to learn…

Interpersonal Skills: 

Working collaboratively as a group during the game of medic.

Using communication skills with peers to achieve a common goal.

Critical & Creative Thinking Skills: 

Applying manipulation skills and strategies to decide how and where to send the ball into a designated pin to knock over.

Applying locomotion skills and strategies to be in the optimal position to catch, dodge, and throw the foam balls.



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Welcome to Physical Education

Dear Parents,

Mr. Mac and Ms. Ettl here, we will be your child’s PE teacher this year. As a PE department, we strive to develop physically, socially, and mentally balanced individuals who understand the value of an active lifestyle and the benefits of being a lifelong active learner. Our goal is to encourage children to be physically active, educate them on ‘why’ they should be physically fit, and help them find an activity/sport in which they can participate in for a lifetime of enjoyment and health.

We are looking forward to being your child’s PE teacher this year!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at…

Mr. Mac: pmcmanus@uasdubai.ae

Ms. Ettl: eettl@uasdubai.ae

Please feel free to follow me on Instagram @ms.ettl

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