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Art – Week of February 3rd

All students from PreK to Grade 5 are working on another collaborative project. Using their knowledge, our little artists will create a heart inspired by the artist of the unit or a new technique they’ve learned.

Cannot wait to see all their hearts together!

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Art – Week of January 20th

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Art – Week of November 11th

Reflection week in art. Our artists will finish up their artworks and reflect on the new things they learned during the first unit, techniques and media, also on the process of creating the artwork.


Looking forward to meeting with parents during conferences.


Have a great week!

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Art – Week of November 4th

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Art – Drawings by Me

It’s official – our school is full of little artists! The students will be bringing home their work of art to show off. With it you’ll find a Drawings By Me order form so that you can choose to see your little artist’s masterpiece brought to life.


Be alert (we know little backpacks can become jungles) and remember to return the form envelope to school by November 8.


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Art – Week of October 28th

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Art – Week of October 14th

We thought you might like to know that your child is currently working on a masterpiece! Over the coming two weeks, we’ll be starting our art project with Drawings By Me. Your artist will create a piece in class, which can then be magically transformed into keepsakes like mugs, calendars and notebooks – all sorts!


We’ll soon be sending your child’s artwork home for them to show off so prepare your ‘ahh’s. Look out for an order form with their drawing so you can order your memories.

Happy drawing!

Drawing by Me – Check the video!

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Art – Week of October 7th

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Art – Week of September 30th

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This year elementary students will attend art class on a 3 day rotational schedule.

Students will learn through the elements of art and the principles of design. Throughout the year, we will expose our students to a range of different artists and art styles.

We aim to provide our developing artists with a variety of experiences with art materials and mediums including paints, markers, pencils, clay and technology.

We will be using the National Common Core Art standards to guide our curriculum and enhance student learning.

National Core Arts Anchor Standards:  Visual Arts

  • CREATING: Conceiving and developing new artistic ideas and work.
  • PRESENTING: Interpreting and sharing artistic work.
  • RESPONDING: Understanding and evaluating how the arts convey meaning.
  • CONNECTING: Relating artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external context.


In March we will hold our ‘Arts Alive’ exhibition to display the beautiful artwork created by our amazing artists! We will be holding all artwork until the exhibition, after which your child will take them home to share with you and enjoy!

How YOU can help.

Many parents ask what they can do at home to support their child. Give them time to create! Drawing, painting, sculpting with clay, building with toys or Lego, creating art on the computer and taking photographs –  all these activities help to support elements of the art curriculum.

Exposing children to art is also invaluable. Dubai offers a rich culture of art and creativity. Spending time with your child exploring galleries, museums etc. will help to encourage aesthetic choice while also forming a life-long love of art.


We look forward to an exciting fun filled year!


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at:

anistor@uasdubai.ae, thempenstall@uasdubai.ae and etyrrell@uasdubai.ae

You can follow us at:




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