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Elementary Specialists at UAS 2019-2020

on September 19, 2019

Art Teacher: Alina Nistor anistor@uasdubai.ae Instagram: uas_elementaryart

Music Teacher: Betsy Austin baustin@uasdubai.ae Instagram: msaustinmusic

Library Teacher: Kate Riddle kriddle@uasdubai.ae  Instagram: uas.elementary.library

PE Teacher: Peter McManus pmcmanus@uasdubai.ae


Elementary Specials Blog: https://sites.uasdubai.ae/elementaryspecials/


For the 2019-2020 school year, the elementary students will enjoy specials class on an 8-day rotation schedule.

Elementary Art 

In art class, students will be exposed to a range of skills, techniques and art conceptual knowledge, as well as different artists and styles.  We aim to provide our developing students with a variety of experiences with art materials and media including paints, markers, oil pastels, clay and technology.


We are planning to hold several art events throughout the year to display the beautiful artwork created by all of our amazing artists. For this reason, the artwork will be kept in school until the “Arts Alive” exhibition, after which your child will take them home to share with you and enjoy!


Elementary Music 

In music class, students will be learning the elements of music through singing, playing instruments, composing, improvising, playing games, and dancing. Our curriculum is aligned with the National Core Arts Standards (Creating, Performing, and Responding). We have a strong emphasis on singing, music literacy, and play!


Early childhood, grade 2, and grade 4 will be showcasing their learning through informal and interactive performances in the classroom (we call these informances). Grades 1, 3, and 5 will be showcasing their learning through staged performances in the MPH. There will also be opportunities for older students to join the school musical!


PK-KG2 Music Share Days: Week of March 15th 

Grade 1 Performance: February 20 @ 8:10 am in MPH

Grade 2 Informances: Second Full Week after Ramadan (TBA)

Grade 3 Performance: December 2nd @ 8:10 am in MPH

Grade 4 Informances: Second Full Week after Ramadan (TBA)

Grade 5 Move-Up Celebration Performance: End of June @ 8:10 am in MPH (TBA)

Musical: Students in Grades 4 and 5 can choose to audition for the school musical (The Music 

Man) in December. Commitment is required and there are evening and weekend rehearsals.


Elementary Library


The elementary library encourages children to be enthusiastic readers, critical thinkers, and skillful researchers. Library staff promote lifelong literacy and a love of reading by offering a variety of informative and pleasure reading materials at various levels in print and digital formats. We also organize book fairs, author visits, field trips, and participate in events and competitions with the Emirates Festival of Literature.

Elementary students visit the library weekly. In Early Childhood (PreK, KG1, KG2) students can check out one book at a time, and in grades 1-5, children can check out two books. Students can also borrow an Arabic book in addition to their allotment. The elementary librarian teaches lessons in which many skills are combined: reading genres, research strategies, digital citizenship, and library information skills which are interwoven with the PYP Unit of Inquiry.

The elementary library is open daily from 7:15 am until 4:00 pm (except on Tuesdays, when we close at 2.00).  Parents and families are invited to visit the library during school hours. All UAS parents have a library account and may check out up to five books at a time. Elementary students can visit the library with their parents after school (3:10-4:00).


Elementary PE


In physical education classes, we strive to develop physically, socially, and mentally balanced individuals who understand the value of an active lifestyle and the benefits of being a lifelong active learner. Our goal is to encourage children to be physically active, educate them on ‘why’ they should be physically fit, and help them find an activity/sport in which they can participate in for a lifetime of enjoyment and health.

Students will participate in Sports Day at the end of February (Dates TBA).


We look forward to a GREAT year with all the elementary students at UAS! Go Scorpions!


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