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Library week beginning 21st April

on April 21, 2019

In KG1

  • There are many types of insects and each have a role in the environment.
  • I understand that there are many different types of insects.
  • I understand that insects can change in different situations and environments.
  • I understand the importance of being different (Reflective)

In KG2

  • I can explore the BF section of the library
  • I understand that books in this section are organised in alphabetical order according to the author’s name

In Grade 1

  • environmental, cultural, or physical characteristics that influence a journey (change)
  • Choices and decisions involved in making a journey (causation)
  • the tools and resources used throughout a journey (form)

In Grade 2

  • I understand the different ways we can search for a book on the library catalogue
  • I understand what a call # is
  • I can search for a resource in the library and find its location

Check out for Grades 3-5

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