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Library week beginning 17th February

on February 17, 2019

In KG1

  • I can describe how the illustrations help me understand the text
  • I can compare texts and say why they are the same
  • I can understand what I read
  • I can answer questions about what I read

In KG2

  • I can learn a Balinese folktale and describe how I best sleep.
  • I can connect ideas to my knowledge and experience
  • I can understand what I read.
  • I can answer questions about what I read

In Grade 1

  • I can talk about similarities and differences between texts written by the same author.
  • I can  identify characteristics of main characters throughout a story
  • I can express an opinion about a book.
  • I can listen to others
  • I can  make relevant comments
  • I can read for enjoyment
  • I can answer questions about key details in a text

In Grade 2

  • I understand what ‘mindfulness’ means
  • I can be mindful in the library
  • I can feel peaceful
  • I can begin to understand how mindfulness contributes to my health and well being

It is check out week for Grades 3-5!

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