Elementary Specials

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Week beginning Sunday 10th February

on February 10, 2019

In KG1

  • I can listen to a text for a particular reason
  • I can copy sounds
  • I can predict what a sound might be

In KG2

  • I can talk about similarities and differences between texts written by the same author.
  • I can  identify characteristics of main characters throughout a story
  • I can express an opinion about a book.
  • I can listen to others
  • I can  make relevant comments
  • I can read for enjoyment
  • I can answer questions about key details in a text

In Grade 3

  • I can recognize common types of texts
  • I can work out the moral of three Aesop fables
  • I can name characteristics of fables

In Grade 4

  • I can begin to understand how people work to protect children’s rights and provide equal opportunities
  • I can  draw inferences about characters based on a range of evidence, summarise main ideas from a text
  • I can consider and evaluate different viewpoints, attending to and building on the contributions of others
  • I can begin to understand how children’s rights can be protected

In Grade 5

  • I understand how our knowledge  of the universe has changed over time
  • I can determine two or more main ideas of a text  
  • I can read and respond to a current events article with a “Pro/Con” T-Chart and make a decision based on my work
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