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Library week beginning 13th January

on January 13, 2019

In KG1

I can Identifying the beat
I can identify the speeding up and slowing down elements of the song
I can join in with words and actions for the story and song
I can explore different ways of expressing emotions, including verbal, visual, body language and facial expressions
I can make predictions about the story


I can begin to understand my responsibility at school and beyond
I can begin to understand the roles people have to help in our school and community
I understand the importance of friendship in my community
I can describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges
I can make connections from the story to my personal experience

In Grade 3
I can connect understanding to the real world
I understand that simple machines create forces
I understand that we can inspiration for new ideas from the world around us
I understand that non fiction books can take many different forms

In Grade 4

I can Identify personal values and beliefs of characters in a story using both textual and visual clues.
I can connect understanding to the real world

In Grade 5

I create a narrative using real or imagined objects
I can sequence the events in my story so that one event logically leads to the next

It is check out week for Grades 1 and 2!

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