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Library week beginning 18th November

on November 15, 2018

In KG1 and PreK

  • I can begin to recognise rhyming words and predict what the rhyming word might be
  • I can take turns in conversation and respond to a story with comments and actions
  • I can follow actions and create sounds related to the story
  • I can join in with a song related to a story

In KG2

  • I can make a browser card.
  • I understand why it is important to use a browser card
  • I can join in with a song about Browser cards
  • I can use a browser card when I choose a book

In Grade 3

  • I can understand the life and work of Jacques Cousteau
  • I can read, view, and listen for information presented in any format in order to make inferences and gather meaning
  • I understand where the biography collection is located and the types of books located here
  • I understand that a biography is the story of a person’s life

In Grade 4 and 5

  • I can create my own book using the platform ‘Storybird’
  • I  can sign into my account
  • I can choose art work to inspire a story
  • I can choose the right format for my story (poem, picture book or longform)
  • I can write my first story, adding pages, art work and a front cover
  • I can save my work

It is book check out week for Grades 1 and 2

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