Elementary Specials

Art, Music, PE and Library

Week beginning 7th October in the library

on October 7, 2018


  • I can answer questions about key details in a text
  • I can identify the characters in a story
  • I can discuss the feelings of the main characters in a story
  • I can take turns in conversation and respond to a story with comments and actions
  • I can follow actions in a song


  • I can use actions to express a story  
  • I can begin to retell a story using pictures and actions
  • I can use a story map to recall what happened in a story
  • I can answer questions about important details in a story

Grade 3

  • I can recount/retell stories
  • I can describe how characters feel
  • I can describe why characters do particular things

Grade 4

  • I can use the details and examples in the text to explain or infer meaning.
  • I can discuss peaceful solutions to resolving conflicts
  • I can determine my opinion or point of view on a topic

Grade 5

  • I can follow an inquiry-based process in seeking knowledge
  • I can use a variety of techniques to independently select resources
  • I can use the library catalogue to find out information about resources
  • I can work as a team and work in cooperative and constructive ways

Book check out week for Grades 1 and 2!

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