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Art, Music, PE and Library

Library – Week of September 30th

In KG1 and PreK we are learning to:

  • Experiment with sounds in words
  • Follow actions related to a story

In KG2 we are learning to:

  • Use imaginative thinking to express ourselves
  • Take turns in conversation and respond to a story with comments

In Grade 1 we are learning to:

  • Practice prediction and story sequencing using a traditional tale
  • ‘Read’ illustrations based on visual clues in a text
  • Understand the areas we can choose books from in the library
  • Use a browser card when selecting a book

In Grade 2 we are learning to:

  • Understand the central message of a story
  • Explain how characters act when things happen in a story
  • Explain important details about how a story begins and ends
  • Understand the areas we can choose books from in the library
  • Use a browser card when selecting a book

It is check out week for Grades 3-5!

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Art – Week of September 30th

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K-5 PE Week of 30th

Through team building and cooperative games, students will be able to learn…

Interpersonal Skills: 

Working collaboratively as a group during the game of medic.

Using communication skills with peers to achieve a common goal.

Critical & Creative Thinking Skills: 

Applying manipulation skills and strategies to decide how and where to send the ball into a designated pin to knock over.

Applying locomotion skills and strategies to be in the optimal position to catch, dodge, and throw the foam balls.



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Music – Week of Sept. 30th

Here’s what PreK – Grade 5 will be learning in music!

Early Childhood (PreK-KG2)

  • We are learning how to keep a steady beat.
  • We are learning how to use our singing voices.
  • We are learning how to show awareness of our personal space.

Grade 1:

  • We are learning how to sing ta, tadi, and rest patterns.
  • We are learning how to show levels with our bodies.
  • We are learning how to play a solid bordun.

Grade 2

  • We are learning how to sing a pentatonic scale.
  • We are learning how to create a ta, tadi, rest rhythm using bug names.
  • We are learning how to show awareness of space with our bodies.

Grade 3:

  • We are learning how to read treble clef note names.
  • We are learning how to sing partner songs.

Grade 4:

  • We are learning how to perform “fa”.
  • We are learning how to step ta, tadi, too, and toh rhythms.
  • We are learning how to play an arpeggiated bordun.

Grade 5:

  • We are learning how to read tadi-di rhythms.
  • We are learning how to perform tadi-di rhythms.
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Elementary Library

My name is Miss Kate and I am delighted to be the new Elementary school librarian this year. Miss Grace is our Assistant Librarian. In the library we encourage children to be enthusiastic readers, critical thinkers, skilful researchers and lifelong learners. We love welcoming your children into the library and look forward to a year of learning, having fun along the way!

Your elementary library staff promote lifelong literacy and ‘pleasure of reading’ by offering a variety of informative and interest reading materials at various levels.

Library lessons teach a combination of skills including reading genres, research strategies, and library skills while making meaningful connections to the PYP Unit of Inquiry

Librarian: Kate Riddle – kriddle@uasdubai.ae

Assistant Librarian: Grace Poblete – gpoblete@uasdubai.ae

       Follow us on Instagram uas.elementary.library

      Follow us on twitter @LibraryUAS

Below is some useful information regarding library databases


o A PreK-3 database for reading and research. Our subscription includes PebbleGo Animals and PebbleGo Science.

o Students can access here with the username: studentuasd and password uasd1234

Worldbooks Kids

o Aimed for students in Grades 1-5 and includes thousands of easy-to-read articles packed with stunning illustrations, videos, interactive maps, engaging games and activities.

o Students can access here with the username: studentuasd and password uasd1234


Family borrowing!


Parents are welcome in the library at any time and each parent has a library account and can borrow up to five books at a time for a period of one week.

Opening times

The library is open daily from 7.30 – 4.15

Tuesdays: 7.30 – 2.00

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Welcome to Physical Education

Dear Parents,

Mr. Mac and Ms. Ettl here, we will be your child’s PE teacher this year. As a PE department, we strive to develop physically, socially, and mentally balanced individuals who understand the value of an active lifestyle and the benefits of being a lifelong active learner. Our goal is to encourage children to be physically active, educate them on ‘why’ they should be physically fit, and help them find an activity/sport in which they can participate in for a lifetime of enjoyment and health.

We are looking forward to being your child’s PE teacher this year!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at…

Mr. Mac: pmcmanus@uasdubai.ae

Ms. Ettl: eettl@uasdubai.ae

Please feel free to follow me on Instagram @ms.ettl

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Recorder Information

Dear Parents,

We will be starting Recorder in grades 3-5 the first week of November. Here is the immediate information you need:

What They Need: One soprano recorder (preferably Yamaha brand), a folder with their full name and class clearly written on the front, and a pencil.

Due Date: Week of October 28th

You can buy a soprano recorder from most music shops (found in malls around Dubai) and souq.com. Each homeroom will have a class bucket where students can keep their recorders. There will be days when students will be required to take recorders home and practice. Please be aware that if your child forgets their recorder, they will not be able to fully participate in class. It is their responsibility to remember and keep track of their instrument.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Worling (for Grade 3, 5RB, and 5KS) or Ms. Austin (Grade 4, 5AP, and 5KM).

Thank you,

Ms. Worling hworling@uasdubai.ae

Ms. Austin baustin@uasdubai.ae

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Welcome to the Music Room


Welcome to Elementary Music with Ms. Austin and Ms. Worling! We will be seeing all elementary students on a 3 day rotation with Art and PE.

In music, we teach the elements of music through singing, playing instruments, composing, improvising, and dancing. Our curriculum is aligned with the National Core Arts Standards (Creating, Performing, and Responding) as well as the AERO Standards. We hope to bring the musician out in all your children and have a lot of fun whilst doing so.

Grade 1 & 2 Concert: March 18th at 8:15 am in MPH

Grade 3 & 4 Concert: February 26th at 8:15 am in MPH

Grade 5 Concert: April 29th at 8:15 am in MPH

If your child is showing interest in starting after-school music lessons, feel free to email us for suggestions.  We both highly suggest starting on piano or violin, especially at an elementary age.


You can follow us at:


@msaustinmusic  @msworlingmusic                                  @MsAustinMusic  @msworlingmusic


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This year elementary students will attend art class on a 3 day rotational schedule.

Students will learn through the elements of art and the principles of design. Throughout the year, we will expose our students to a range of different artists and art styles.

We aim to provide our developing artists with a variety of experiences with art materials and mediums including paints, markers, pencils, clay and technology.

We will be using the National Common Core Art standards to guide our curriculum and enhance student learning.

National Core Arts Anchor Standards:  Visual Arts

  • CREATING: Conceiving and developing new artistic ideas and work.
  • PRESENTING: Interpreting and sharing artistic work.
  • RESPONDING: Understanding and evaluating how the arts convey meaning.
  • CONNECTING: Relating artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external context.


In March we will hold our ‘Arts Alive’ exhibition to display the beautiful artwork created by our amazing artists! We will be holding all artwork until the exhibition, after which your child will take them home to share with you and enjoy!

How YOU can help.

Many parents ask what they can do at home to support their child. Give them time to create! Drawing, painting, sculpting with clay, building with toys or Lego, creating art on the computer and taking photographs –  all these activities help to support elements of the art curriculum.

Exposing children to art is also invaluable. Dubai offers a rich culture of art and creativity. Spending time with your child exploring galleries, museums etc. will help to encourage aesthetic choice while also forming a life-long love of art.


We look forward to an exciting fun filled year!


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at:

anistor@uasdubai.ae, thempenstall@uasdubai.ae and etyrrell@uasdubai.ae

You can follow us at:




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Welcome to the Elementary Specials Blog

We have an exciting year ahead of us, full of fun, discovery and exploration. Our specialists’ team is looking forward to teaching each and every one of your children this year!

Here you will find information regarding Art, Music, PE and Library.

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