Elementary Art – Grades 3-4-5

"The important thing is to CREATE." Pablo Picasso

Elementary Arts Alive Display April 19 – May 3, 2018


We are pleased to announce that the elementary arts alive is officially on view! Our KG2 – 5th Grade students have worked hard since the beginning of the year to create the many different artworks currently hanging in the front and back lobby.


Due to the large number of students, only one artwork per student was chosen to be displayed. Parents are encouraged to collect the rest of their child’s art portfolio from the art room during Student Led Conferences.


Enjoy all the amazing art!

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Grade 5 Self- Portrait Project


Part of “How We Express Ourselves” unit, Gr. 5 artists are working on a self-portrait project during this rotation. The students learned about line, value and proportion and they are creating a self-portrait in pencil using the transfer technique showed in class. They had the choice to “tell a story” through their portraits, revealing a very interesting perception of themselves. Our focus is the use of realistic details, shading and blending of the facial features. I have to say that I haven’t seen the students enjoyed working so hard before, so they must love it!


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Grade 5 Book Presentation


First art rotation concluded with a successful presentation of accordion books, where grade 5 authors and illustrators shared their artwork with teachers and students. They explained how they used actual and implied texture to create their books, also taught younger students the colored pencil technique.

Congratulation Grade 5, you did an amazing job!

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What’s new in the Art Studio?


This is the last week for Grade 5 artists in the Art Studio for this rotation.

We are just wrapping up our unit of Texture & Rhythm, as the Accordion Picture Books are finished and the illustrations are simply beautiful.

The whole process of making the book was very exciting and the students’ challenge was to improve their colored pencils technique.



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Grade 5 book project


Welcome to another week in the Art Studio with the G5 Artists working on their Accordion Picture Book, part of the unit “Texture & Rhythm”. The students are using actual and implied texture to create an interesting and colorful realistic fiction book, based on their research about explorers from the Unit of Inquiry –  Exploration.

The G5 Artists are practicing on the colored pencils technique in order to give the illustrations more texture as the artist Albrecht Durer created in his famous artwork.


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Grade 5 in the Art Studio


The first week for Gr. 5 Artists was very productive, as they were eager to use their artistic skills in the art room.

After giving the art journal a personal and creative look, we started with our Unit 1 – Texture & Rhythm. The texture scavenger hunt was a dynamic introduction to tactile and visual texture and the results were well appreciated by the students.



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Grade 5 Digital Art


Grade 5 students tried out Art in a new way:  Digitally!  Students used a variety of digital art apps/software on their macbooks to create a Space scene (complete with meteors and a constellation!) and a photo-editing project. It was often a steep learning curve to figure out all the tricks and tools in the software, but their determination and patience paid off.  Software used: Sketch I.O. online), Autodesk Sketchbook (app), Pixlr Photo Editor (online), GIMP (app).

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Color Theory Dress Down Day: Thursday January 26th


COLOR DAY @UAS!   All Elementary Art students (KG2-Grade 5) have just finished up a Color Theory Unit in Art.  To celebrate this great color learning, the Art department is holding an optional UAS dress-down day THIS Thursday.  Students (and staff) may dress in any color scheme: primary colors, complementary colors, monochromatic, rainbow spectrum, secondary colors, value (shades of black/white), tint/shade, etc.   Students (and staff) who dress down are expected to be able to explain their “color scheme” when asked.  

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Grades 3-4-5 Art Projects (displayed & coming home throughout the year)


Please note: Grades 3-4-5 will not be showcasing all their artwork at the end of the year as in past years (Arts Alive), so it is important to stop by UAS throughout the year to view student work each trimester.  Next showing for Grade 3 will be Batik-inspired watercolor paintings, to be displayed in February.  Next up for Grade 4 will be their Logo Artist Study projects, to be displayed sometime in March.  Grade 5 will also have another showing in April.

Grade 4 students will be bringing home two pieces of art on Tuesday: Monochromatic U.A.E. inspired paintings and Skyscraper Line drawings.  Both pieces were displayed at UAS during trimester two.

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Grade 5 & 4 Art Displays


art-showGrades 4 and 5 will both have Art Displays in the upcoming weeks.

All Grade 5 Self-Portraits will be displayed in the Grade 5 Hallway and Ground Floor Lobby from Wednesday, November 23 through December 15.  These were quite a process!   The pencil portrait work is astonishing and the collage pieces are filled with artistic elements and abstract interpretations. We are hoping all parents can see the work on their way to parent conferences.  Students will be able to bring their piece home on December 15th.


Grade 4 Clay Tiles & Sculptures will be displayed in classrooms this week during parent conferences – students can take their sculptures home at that time.  Grade 4 Skyscraper Line Drawings will be displayed in the UAS Ground Floor Lobby in combination with Grade 10’s recent Dubai-themed art work from November 28 through January 8.  Students will be able to take their artwork home the week of January 8.

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