Elementary Art – Grades 3-4-5

"The important thing is to CREATE." Pablo Picasso

Elementary Arts Alive Display April 19 – May 3, 2018


We are pleased to announce that the elementary arts alive is officially on view! Our KG2 – 5th Grade students have worked hard since the beginning of the year to create the many different artworks currently hanging in the front and back lobby.


Due to the large number of students, only one artwork per student was chosen to be displayed. Parents are encouraged to collect the rest of their child’s art portfolio from the art room during Student Led Conferences.


Enjoy all the amazing art!

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All About A. Calder Unit


Very busy start of the year in the Art Studio!

Grade 3 artists are wrapping up the unit about Alexander Calder and Shape & Form. This 2 weeks they worked on building mobiles using pipe cleaners and colored foam. Also, the students created an abstract composition inspired by one of Calder’s lithographies using organic shapes and primary colors.

Cannot wait to display all these masterpieces!

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What’s new in the Art Studio?


Grade 3 artists are halfway through their second rotation and they’ve been very busy learning new things.

Our unit is about Shape & Form, having Alexander Calder as our artist focus.

Alexander Calder was born in Philadelphia in 1898. Both of his parents were artists.

Prior to World War II, Calder sculpted with wood. After the war, he began to sculpt with sheet metal and painted the metal with hues of black, red, blue and white.

Alexander is most famous for inventing the MOBILE which is a balanced sculpture that moves. This is called KINETIC SCULPTURE. He also created sculptures that don’t move. They are called STABILES.

Here are a few fun facts about Calder:

•His friends called him Sandy.

•He studied art and engineering.

•His favorite color was red.

•He was given a toolset when he was eight years old and loved playing and inventing things in his workshop.

•Calder liked the circus so much that he created his own. The Calder Circus had over 50 moving  figures made out of wire, leather and cloth.

The concepts and vocabulary words that we are using in class are:

Shape (2D – height, width)

Form (3D – height, width, depth)

Geometric shape/ Organic shape

Kinetic Art

Mobile/ Stabile


Wishing you to have a never ending happiness and prosperity!

Happy Holidays!


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Grade 3 Masterpieces


Please enjoy some of the Mexican Huipil projects displayed outside the art room.Grade 3 artists created patterns using line and – their favorite part – yarn for the fringe.

The whole collection can be admired in February in the reception area.

Great job Grade 3!


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Project – Mexican Huipil


Last week grade 3 artists started their analysis of the Mexican Huipil identifying types of lines and patterns. They created their own Mexican traditional dress using colored construction paper and oil pastels. As the Unit of Inquiry is about Symbols, the students learned about Mayan symbols and used some to decorate their Huipil.


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Unit 1 – Line & Pattern


Busy week in the Art Studio!

Grade 3 artists reviewed last week the Line as an element of design and examined several works of art analyzing how artists use a variety of lines to outline objects and show details. The students created an art piece inspired by Kandinsky’s artwork using lines as part of the subject. They enjoyed experimenting with oil pastels and watercolors.

For this week the focus will be exploring Mayan symbols, as part of the Unit Of Inquiry’s central idea.


Keep calm


make some



Ms. Alina


Water resist technique 


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Color Theory Dress Down Day: Thursday January 26th


COLOR DAY @UAS!   All Elementary Art students (KG2-Grade 5) have just finished up a Color Theory Unit in Art.  To celebrate this great color learning, the Art department is holding an optional UAS dress-down day THIS Thursday.  Students (and staff) may dress in any color scheme: primary colors, complementary colors, monochromatic, rainbow spectrum, secondary colors, value (shades of black/white), tint/shade, etc.   Students (and staff) who dress down are expected to be able to explain their “color scheme” when asked.  

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Grades 3-4-5 Art Projects (displayed & coming home throughout the year)


Please note: Grades 3-4-5 will not be showcasing all their artwork at the end of the year as in past years (Arts Alive), so it is important to stop by UAS throughout the year to view student work each trimester.  Next showing for Grade 3 will be Batik-inspired watercolor paintings, to be displayed in February.  Next up for Grade 4 will be their Logo Artist Study projects, to be displayed sometime in March.  Grade 5 will also have another showing in April.

Grade 4 students will be bringing home two pieces of art on Tuesday: Monochromatic U.A.E. inspired paintings and Skyscraper Line drawings.  Both pieces were displayed at UAS during trimester two.

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Grade 3: What Colors Can You Make?


2016-11-02-14-20-18Grade 3 classes have been investigating color theory by experimenting with mixing paints to create new colors.  Sets included Primary Mix (red, blue, yellow), Primary Tint Mix (red, blue, yellow + white), Primary Shade Mix (red, blue, yellow + black), and Neutrals (brown, black, white, and metallics).  Students were able to give their new colors a name, here are some of our favorite new colors: ghost, candy corn, pumpkin, cement, galaxy, egg salad, moonlight, pistachio, grape, and chocolate sparkle. 2016-11-02-14-20-54 2016-11-02-14-25-512016-11-02-14-21-04-1

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Visit the Grade 3 Totem Poles in UAS Lobby!


Grade 3 recently completed their study of Pacific Coast First Nations 14642466_1236178719737466_443150263468292504_nTotem Art.  We are thrilled that the thoughtful, careful, and detailed work has created beautiful and very powerful class (clan) Totem Poles!  Each student selected a “spirit animal” that symbolized them and used traditional 14700991_10153800156116968_6423106024037489397_o-1colors and design to create their totem image. I especially enjoyed guiding students through this project, as I am originally from that part of the world!  The class Totem Poles will be displayed through December break, after which, students will be able to bring their totems home.14715557_10153800156111968_7496229414457146413_o

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