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Color Theory Dress Down Day: Thursday January 26th


COLOR DAY @UAS!   All Elementary Art students (KG2-Grade 5) have just finished up a Color Theory Unit in Art.  To celebrate this great color learning, the Art department is holding an optional UAS dress-down day THIS Thursday.  Students (and staff) may dress in any color scheme: primary colors, complementary colors, monochromatic, rainbow spectrum, secondary colors, value (shades of black/white), tint/shade, etc. […]

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Grades 3-4-5 Art Projects (displayed & coming home throughout the year)


Please note: Grades 3-4-5 will not be showcasing all their artwork at the end of the year as in past years (Arts Alive), so it is important to stop by UAS throughout the year to view student work each trimester.  Next showing for Grade 3 will be Batik-inspired watercolor paintings, to be displayed in February. […]

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