Elementary Art – Grades 3-4-5

"The important thing is to CREATE." Pablo Picasso

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Grade 5 & 4 Art Displays


Grades 4 and 5 will both have Art Displays in the upcoming weeks. All Grade 5 Self-Portraits will be displayed in the Grade 5 Hallway and Ground Floor Lobby from Wednesday, November 23 through December 15.  These were quite a process!   The pencil portrait work is astonishing and the collage pieces are filled with […]

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Grade 2 Dubai Artifacts


Grade 2 students putting the finishing touches on their air-dry clay artifacts.  Students sculpted, designed, and painted Dubai-inspired artifacts to display in their Who We Are Unit.

Grade 3: What Colors Can You Make?


Grade 3 classes have been investigating color theory by experimenting with mixing paints to create new colors.  Sets included Primary Mix (red, blue, yellow), Primary Tint Mix (red, blue, yellow + white), Primary Shade Mix (red, blue, yellow + black), and Neutrals (brown, black, white, and metallics).  Students were able to give their new colors a […]

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