Elementary Art – Grades 3-4-5

"The important thing is to CREATE." Pablo Picasso

KG2 African Print Line Art



Part of our study into the element of line in art, students were introduced to a variety of African prints. We explored all of the interesting and creative types of lines, as well as the beautiful bright colours.

Students used their knowledge of lines to create their own prints and they used it in a fun African inspired art piece.

Our little artist’s used lots of skills to create this piece of art. Students designed clothing using a variety of lines and bright colours. We practised our cutting, glueing, drawing and colouring skills.

Students had lots of fun exploring the interesting way that some African people balance and carry baskets of food on their heads. We thought this would add a very interesting element to our artwork! KG2 students also learned about silhouette and how to create this in their artwork. We added texture by using burlap material for the baskets.


img_1434 img_1437 img_1436



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“KG2 African Print Line Art”

  1. October 16th, 2016 at 7:50 am      Reply adecardy Says:

    So wonderful! 🙂

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