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Visit the Grade 3 Totem Poles in UAS Lobby!


Grade 3 recently completed their study of Pacific Coast First Nations Totem Art.  We are thrilled that the thoughtful, careful, and detailed work has created beautiful and very powerful class (clan) Totem Poles!  Each student selected a “spirit animal” that symbolized them and used traditional colors and design to create their totem image. I especially enjoyed […]

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Grade 4 Skyscraper Line Drawings


Grade 4 has finished their amazing Skyscraper Line Drawings using 3-D line techniques, positive/negative space, balance, perspective, and emphasis.  We based our project on the work of New York graphic artist Marzjr.  Pieces will be displayed in the lobby of U.A.S. in November as part of a joint art show featuring Grade 4 Skyscrapers with […]

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Grade 1 – Exploring Van Gogh’s Lines


As we continued our exploration of lines, we learned about the painting “The Sower” by Vincent Van Gogh. Students studied the painting to discover how Van Gogh used lines in his artwork. We focused our attention in particular, to the lines of the setting sun, the wheat field and the crops growing below. Our little […]

KG2 African Print Line Art


Part of our study into the element of line in art, students were introduced to a variety of African prints. We explored all of the interesting and creative types of lines, as well as the beautiful bright colours. Students used their knowledge of lines to create their own prints and they used it in a […]

You’re Invited! UAS Collaborative Art Installation


The UAS Sticky-Note Collaborative Art Installation is open in the back lobby!   Everyone in the UAS Community (parents, too!) is invited to contribute to this project.  You can create a sticky-note art piece and attach it directly to the board or turn it in to Ms. Alina or Mrs. Hemstead. This video of New York Artist, […]

Grade 5 Unit Project “Character Self-Portraits”


Grade 5s have been learning the art of portraiture and will begin work on their final project for the How We Express Ourselves Unit soon. The trans-disciplinary project will feature a portrait of their Narrative Story character being written in Language Arts.  The piece will feature both realistic (contour lines, proportion, shading, and blending) and abstract […]

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