Elementary Art – Grades 3-4-5

"The important thing is to CREATE." Pablo Picasso

Grade 4 in the Art Studio


Grade 4 delightful artists started their first rotation for art with a lot of excitement. The students demonstrated their artistic skills while creating a cover for the art journals, representing themselves in unique styles.

In the first unit, we learned about line (gesture lines, flowing lines, contour lines, shading lines) and perspective (vanishing point, horizon line, one-point perspective). The students have been very busy working on their project with one-point perspective.

Our next project is connected with the Unit of Inquiry “Innovation and UAE History” and the grade 4 artists are excited to expose to view how Dubai changed over the years.

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Grade 5 Book Presentation


First art rotation concluded with a successful presentation of accordion books, where grade 5 authors and illustrators shared their artwork with teachers and students. They explained how they used actual and implied texture to create their books, also taught younger students the colored pencil technique.

Congratulation Grade 5, you did an amazing job!

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What’s new in the Art Studio?


This is the last week for Grade 5 artists in the Art Studio for this rotation.

We are just wrapping up our unit of Texture & Rhythm, as the Accordion Picture Books are finished and the illustrations are simply beautiful.

The whole process of making the book was very exciting and the students’ challenge was to improve their colored pencils technique.



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Grade 5 book project


Welcome to another week in the Art Studio with the G5 Artists working on their Accordion Picture Book, part of the unit “Texture & Rhythm”. The students are using actual and implied texture to create an interesting and colorful realistic fiction book, based on their research about explorers from the Unit of Inquiry –  Exploration.

The G5 Artists are practicing on the colored pencils technique in order to give the illustrations more texture as the artist Albrecht Durer created in his famous artwork.


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Grade 5 in the Art Studio


The first week for Gr. 5 Artists was very productive, as they were eager to use their artistic skills in the art room.

After giving the art journal a personal and creative look, we started with our Unit 1 – Texture & Rhythm. The texture scavenger hunt was a dynamic introduction to tactile and visual texture and the results were well appreciated by the students.



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Visual Arts at UAS 2017 – 2018


Lower Elementary Teacher:  Mrs. Elizabeth   (KG2, 1st, 2nd)              etyrrell@uasdubai.ae

Upper Elementary Teacher:  Mrs. Alina         (G1KY, 3rd, 4th, 5th)      anistor@uasdubai.ae

Elementary Art Blogs:  http://sites.uasdubai.ae/elementaryart/  and http://sites.uasdubai.ae/etyrrell/


Course Objectives:
This year elementary students will attend art class on a 4 weekly rotational schedule. Students will learn through the elements of art (line, color, texture, value, shape, space and value) and the principles of design (rhythm, balance, movement, emphasis, pattern, contrast, etc.). Throughout the year, we plan on exposing our students to a range of different artists and art styles. We aim to provide all our developing artists with a wide variety of experience with art materials and mediums including paints, markers, pencils, clay and technology.

We will be using the National Common Core Art standards to guide our curriculum and enhance student learning.

National Core Arts Anchor Standards:  Visual Arts

  • CREATING: Conceiving and developing new artistic ideas and work.
  • PRESENTING: Interpreting and sharing artistic work.
  • RESPONDING: Understanding and evaluating how the arts convey meaning.
  • CONNECTING: Relating artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external context.


Elementary Art Exhibitions


We are delighted to announce that we will display the beautiful art work created by all our elementary artists twice this school year in February and April/May.

Every elementary school artist will have a piece of work displayed in the lobby for you to enjoy.  We will be holding all artwork until each exhibition, after which your child will take their artwork home to share with you!


Art Rules and Expectations:

  • Come to art class on time and bring a positive attitude!
  • Follow directions.
  • Use equipment, supplies and materials in an appropriate manner, as demonstrated by the teacher.
  • Act respectfully to the teacher, other adults in the room and classmates.
  • USE KIND WORDS when talking about each others’ art. Art is a very personal form of expression.  You may not like what someone else has created.  Be mindful of each others efforts and celebrate all creativity.


How YOU can help.

Many parents ask what they can do at home to support their child. Give them time to create! Drawing, painting, sculpting with clay, building with toys or Legos, creating art on the computer and taking photographs –  all these activities help to support elements of the art curriculum. Exposing children to art is also invaluable. Dubai offers a rich culture of art and creativity. Spending time with your child exploring galleries, museums etc. will help to encourage aesthetic choice while also forming a life-long love of art.


Elementary Art Department

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Grade 3 Masterpieces


Please enjoy some of the Mexican Huipil projects displayed outside the art room.Grade 3 artists created patterns using line and – their favorite part – yarn for the fringe.

The whole collection can be admired in February in the reception area.

Great job Grade 3!


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Project – Mexican Huipil


Last week grade 3 artists started their analysis of the Mexican Huipil identifying types of lines and patterns. They created their own Mexican traditional dress using colored construction paper and oil pastels. As the Unit of Inquiry is about Symbols, the students learned about Mayan symbols and used some to decorate their Huipil.


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Unit 1 – Line & Pattern


Busy week in the Art Studio!

Grade 3 artists reviewed last week the Line as an element of design and examined several works of art analyzing how artists use a variety of lines to outline objects and show details. The students created an art piece inspired by Kandinsky’s artwork using lines as part of the subject. They enjoyed experimenting with oil pastels and watercolors.

For this week the focus will be exploring Mayan symbols, as part of the Unit Of Inquiry’s central idea.


Keep calm


make some



Ms. Alina


Water resist technique 


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Welcome to Ms. Alina’s Art Blog!


I am looking forward to a creative year exploring art both individually and collaboratively.

The purpose of our art program is to motivate students to express themselves creatively through thought and action while they expand their art knowledge and skills using the Elements and Principals of Design, in a new setting that will allow more opportunities to complete and enjoy art projects.

First trimester started with the enthusiastic 3rd graders in the Art Studio, who enjoyed the first week in art communicating their ideas about visual arts and creating a cover for their journal.

Have an artful year!

Ms. Alina


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